3,000 souls yell no

If George W. Bush ranked just a little lower on my list of people I would find it nearly impossible to feel sympathy for, I’d almost feel sorry for him. 

Here he is ready to unveil to the world his exciting “new way forward” proposal for Iraq (otherwise referred to as throwing good blood after bad by increasing the number of troops there) and look what happens?  3,000 dead Americans come crashing down on his head.

Plainly, this was for Bush simply awful timing.  US military personnel die almost every day in Iraq.  But like most things that go on and on and on, eventually it all becomes so much background noise.  It isn’t that Americans ever completely forget the carnage, cease to honor the courage of those who fall or (for most) abandon their opposition to the war; but inevitably our daily lives go on.

There is something about a round number like 3,000, however, which screams out for our attention, demands answers and ultimately declares failure in a way so tragic as to overwhelm other agendas, at least for a time. 

And that can be a hard act to follow for even the most gifted snake oil salesman.

So sometime very soon when the worst president in the history of the United States announces — yes, one more time — that he’s discovered the magic potion that will transport us out of this swamp of his own making, a potion that requires us to climb even further into the very same swamp, there will be much more than background noise crying out in protest.

There will be the sound of 3,000 souls yelling no.

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3 Responses to “3,000 souls yell no”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    Has anyone read Riverbend? Just sad.

  2. Again Says:

    There is something about a round number like 3,000

    yes, something big enough to throw bombs? To destroy any desired nation? To hang her chief?

    So, alas, i guess, you must throw bombs at Washington and must hang Bush:

    More Americans died in Iraq than from 9/11 attacks

    “The 9/11 death toll includes the 2,749 killed at the World Trade Center, 184 at the Pentagon and 40 passengers aboard United Flight 93.
    Those killed in Iraq came from across the United States. More than 50 residents of Alabama have died in the war. More than 30 of the dead lived in Nebraska. More than 40 from Kentucky were killed.”

    “Four more Americans died in Iraq on Christmas Eve, bringing the total ever closer to 3,000 in a war where solutions get lost in the fog of political expediency.” Capitol Hill Blue, Because nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White House is occupied

    fine Christmas Present given by Bush, the “true believer” in “Christian Love”

    who needs enemies with a government like that?

    “Because nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White House is occupied”

  3. Again Says:


    Has anyone read Riverbend? Just sad.

    not sad - outrageous: grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror;

    it’s not sad, what the western world allows to happen - it is significant of what we are

    sorry - i’m really angry when i read:
    “Slowly, but surely, it begins coming apart- a chip here, a chunk there.
    That is Iraq right now. The Americans have done a fine job of working to break it apart. This last year has nearly everyone convinced that that was the plan right from the start. There were too many blunders for them to actually have been, simply, blunders. The ‘mistakes’ were too catastrophic…
    Again, I can’t help but ask myself why this was all done? What was the point of breaking Iraq so that it was beyond repair? Iran seems to be the only gainer.”

    Iran, the Law of Sharia, the dictatorship of religious brain cancer - supported by Bush, Cheney and Murdoch - i guess, that’s high treason, betrayal of America

    “With the brutal hanging of Saddam Hussein in the pre-dawn hours Saturday, the transformation of the United States of America from world power to international exporter of terror is complete.” The real crimes against humanity

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