Skipping Bush’s speech for my dental health

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9 Responses to “Skipping Bush’s speech for my dental health”

  1. Again Says:

    The truth is that I simply can’t bring myself to watch Bush speak at any length anymore

    what’s weird about that? This man represents all what will kill humankind - stupidity, greed, inbreeding of elites, ruthlessness, destruction of life and resources, promotion of poison and pollution …

    each uglier than the other - so what’s weird about not being able to look at so much ugliness?

  2. hizzhoner Says:

    My friends and I have tried just about every technique we can think of to make watching a Bush speech bearable. Nothing seems to work anymore.

    MST3King it (after to cult favorite show ) didn’t work because we couldn’t even joke about the what he was saying anymore…

    The Bush Speech Drinking Game came very close to making alcoholics out of all of us. …besides, we generally ran out of booze after the first five minutes….

    and not allowing any comments during the speech so we could have a serious discussion afterwards, NEVER worked because not one of us could restrain ourselves.

    My long-suffering spouse no longer ALLOWS me to watch the speeches because she fears that I will eventually throw something at it that will permantently damage it.



    I won’t be watching the speech either.


  3. alwayshope Says:

    Did anyone read the new VF yet? Grayden Carters’s editorial includes some qiuotes by Bush as told by people who went to Yale with him and knew him as a child. (spoiled brat).
    If he wasn’t winning at whatever game, he would change the rules, cheat, demand overtime, insist on best two out of three, four out of five. He would demand do-overs, claiming “I wasn’t ready” .
    If he was going to lose and couldn’t get his way, he would quit and take his ball home with him. He was foul-mouthed even as a child and couldn’t stand to lose at anything. At tennis he would run his mouth constantly, ridiculing and mocking his opponent, making fun of every error they made. This is the mentality of our leader. This is the reason for the “surge”. He doesn’t care how long he drags it out, how many die or how much it costs as long as he has a chance to claim victory at some point.
    Will I watch the brat-in-chief tonight? As much as I can. The stunning arrogance and obvious stupidity, the evil that just exudes from his face and voice will eventually wear me out and I’ll turn it off. Can anyone watch the whole speech without being dragged into despair and rage? Those 30% who still watch and still support him amaze me. Most people thrive on love, these people thrive on hate and he will satisfy that need.
    He hides behind our troops. That is not support. He uses their deaths to justify more death. We, the people, could stop this but we won’t. We could impeach him but we won’t. We are angry and unhappy and stagnant. He will mock us, threaten us, lie to us and
    push us incessantly to go along one more time and then one more time. His speech will be carefully crafted but only those who have been drinking the kool-aid all along will drink again. I hope he unwittlingly reveals his contempt for us and those few who have been swallowing all his lies will choke on this one.

  4. Larry the Red Says:

    “I hope he unwittlingly reveals his contempt for us and those few who have been swallowing all his lies will choke on this one.”

    Don’t worry, Alwayshope. You can bet money that Shrub will tell us what we “need to understand” about his new way of talking about the same old thing. He might pay lip service to our “understandable concerns,” but if he does, he’ll imediately follow that up with something suggesting that those concerns reveal us to be cowards and/or fools. (He’ll leave accusing us of being traitors to Faux News et al).

  5. gailzy Says:

    I totally agree and might I add I have to look away for my mental health as well. Sometimes I feel I have to at least attempt to listen and my solution would probably get me arrested if any of the creeps actually read this stuff because it does involve a strategically placed red lazer dot and wishful thinking, especially since Nancy’s now 2nd in line. My only self-righteous caveat with your comments is couldn’t you find another provider besides Walmart?

    Also, re Alwayshope above: Yes. By all means read the VF piece. It’s short, you can stand at the newstand and read it and boy, does he get it and allow us to get it, as well as all the other stuff we know. I am photocopying it and sending it to all I know. Here’s to hope.

    From Steve: The Wal-Mart bits a joke.  Do they have dentists?

  6. alwayshope Says:

    I watched the speech with my best friends (who I have mentioned in this cafe before, and who are NRA republicans.)
    We have been such close friends for most of our lives that even Bush doesn’t come between us, we had a few beers and I remained quiet through…well..most of the speech. Afterward , I asked one friend what she thought. She said, “He seemed robotic. I’ve heard it before. ” her husband agreed. We then had a very meaningful discussion about what really should and could be done in our tumultuous world. We hadn’t talked about politics in a few years and not just because we disagreed but because we never did before Bush, we always had a millions other things to talk about. Tonight was good though, we all talked, we all listened to each other…………..and amazingly, we all agreed George Bush was wrong and stubbornly becoming wronger. The speech was dull, repetitive, regurgitated bull, delivered with all the passion and determination of a drone. The night, however was filled with good food, good friends, good beer and respectful, informed discussion. I had a good time but the speech just sucked.

    By the way, where is Larkrise?
    Hope she’s okay. I’m missing her lively and honest posts.

  7. alwayshope Says:

    This is off topic, but I need to rant about something else that is just ticking me off. i am so sick of the media and their “darlings”.
    Why do I have to hear about some low-down pissy fight between Trump and O’Donnell? Why do i have to hear John McCain’s opinion on every damn thing? VF even did a whole big thing on him this month. Why do they love him so? Who decides this crap? Are there really more people interested in what foul name the Donald called the Rosie today, than are interested in the events of the real world?
    I am so freaking sick of being dumbed down and sucker punched by these self-serving , low-minded, corporate bums I could scream.

    So there I guess I just did. Thanks for listening.

  8. DonnaWade Says:

    I used to get through GeeDuhb’s attempts at articulation with a dime-store dart gun…until my spouse complained about having to clean all the suction marks off the tv screen…she’s used to my talking back to him, so she just plugs in her headphones and a cd for the duration of the speech and reads the transcript when it’s released…no need in both of us raising our blood pressure…I now find that small pillows work rather well…no damage to the tv and I get a little exercise having to collect them all, or as I like to think of it, reload. There’s a pottery company in Ohio that makes Bush gnomes, and I have all five of them. They really are a good likeness…my favorite is Bush Gnome giving you a thumbs up with one hand while the other is behind his back with his fingers crossed. Now I can’t see a picture of him without subliminally putting a gnome hat on him.

    I realize this trivializes how dangerously and stubbornly tunnel-visioned he is, and I never lose sight of how much evil his megalomania has wrought domestically and abroad. But if you are a fan of parody, GeeDuhb presents an unending source of material.

    I don’t know why I get so tickled by these things…I’ve collected coins, Native American pottery, toys, but gnomes? Guess I’m just easily amused. And, not to knock Buzz’ premiums, but I think they’re a step up from farting Bush dolls.

    The gnomes have Bush’s bland expression, too….and they never speak in the dull monotone he falls into when he’s concentrating really hard to not mispronounce words with more than one syllable. In the speech tonight, he mentioned the “concerns” raised by generals, members of Congress, and the public. Rove probably told him that if he acknowledged differing opinions, people would think he actually considered them, though it’s more likely that he dismissed them on first hearing.

    The man demonstrated tonight that he has absolutely no concept of the epic proportions of his failure, especially in understanding the nature and history of the sectarian rivalries now playing out on the streets of Iraq. Saudi Arabia will never stand for a Shia Iraq, they’ve as much as said so in promising to arm the Sunnis if we pull out.

    He said tonight that he told the Iraqi Prime Minister that our commitment was not open-ended….that may be the first truthful think I’ve ever heard him say…because it stops when we retake the White House, if we can’t muscle Congress to do it sooner, either by cutting funding or impeachment (my first choice).

    Tonight’s speech just reinforced my belief that this delusional man has got to go….I pray that Congress only has the spine to take him out.

    If you’re wondering what the hell is a Bush Gnome, email me at and I’ll send you the link. Or just Google it.

    And Hope — Trump’s ratings for the Apprentice are dropping, so he needs the publicity. It’s like kids, or dogs — if they don’t get enough attention, they do things to get it, and whether it’s good or bad, it’s still attention. I guess Rosie started it over his giving Miss America a second chance after her sexual escapade became public (which is a bit ironic, since they de-tiaraed Vanessa Williams over risque photos), and once Trump fired back, there’s no shutting either of them up — ratings for The View go up because people want to see what bomb Rosie’ll throw next, and The Donald, not wanting to be outdone by an uppity woman (and a dyke, at that!), will hurl back something equally inane but no less vile. But it’ll sell commercial time, which is why it gets so much play. Sometimes I think the “boob tube” was the worst invention ever, because it so distances us from things of real importance, and numbs us to life’s harsh realities.

  9. CV Says:

    Dental,,,Mental,,,Just a few words from his pie-hole and I’m ready to fight. His tone of voice and that fake Texass accent just fire me up. In the interest of public safety, I mute the radio stream. I’ve learned to dig up transcripts, since, in the mode of know your enemy, ignoring what he says can be VERY bad for all your health. You can usually tell what he’s going to say, his handlers usually telegraph his central theme ahead of time, just add cynicism et viola…
    As far as the timing, I doubt that he was waiting to lawyer up, He was stalling the announcement to happen as troops were already in motion. Right after his session-o-drool, one of the comments on NPR was that the troops are already committed, cutting off the Ds at the pass, now if they try to cut funding for the “surge”/escalation, they will “budget away the bullets from our brave troops”. That’s the trope we will be hearing for the next two decades, the modern equivalent of the myth that Libruls stabbed the Viet Vets in the back on their return, get used to it. We won’t be able to effectively stop him til he’s fcuked up so bad, lost so many more troops, that half of the Rs finally see through the illusion and join in a bi-partisan intervention into the Bush/Cheney nightmare. Don’t hold your breath, hold your nose. It will have to get WAY worse than any of US can stand (like, this turns out not to be about more troops in Iraq, it’s the ground element of the IRAN expeditionary force, backed up by the two carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean) before it impacts the Thugs’ enablers.
    As much as we all want them brought down, Impeachment is too slow and uncertain. It takes a 2/3 majority in the Senate, which the Ds only hold by the grace of one semi-comatose Senator (no, really) that may or may not recover from a brain hemorhage (How’d they do that? New drug? Microwave beamed into his office?). The year and more that it would take to fight it through the House wouldn’t slow Bush down, but it would totally tie up the House, derailing everthing else that needs to get done and it would serve to unite the Rs against their common foe, US. Forget impeachment for now, til he’s blown out what’s left of his party, then it will be a “cakewalk”.
    Better to dig into investigating the crimewave of the Republicans and drive limiting and repairing legislation that can be passed by simple majority (which we have as long as Johnson survives and Lie berman can be constrained or cancelled out). Make Bush veto the basic canon of American Law or sign his arrest warrant.
    btw, who gives a shl+ about Rosie and Donald, don’t let them distract you, waste your precious attention on that garbage. Cancel the cable, Turn off the Tv, maybe even drag it out into the yard and deconstruct it with an axe like my Aunt did. Great cathartic, really makes a statement and left a lasting impression on my cousins, I can tell you.

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