Lieberman continues to happily self-destruct

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4 Responses to “Lieberman continues to happily self-destruct”

  1. hizzhoner Says:

    What saddens me most is that thanks to a coalition of Republicans and some Democrats who have a taste for RW kool-aid, we can’t touch this g uy.

    Worse yet, he’s single-handedly holding our Senate majority hostage….

    ‘08 can’t happen soon enough….but I’m still tired from 06…it’s hard t
    o muster the emotional energy for another battle but I know we have to…

    Lieberman is on the verge of becoming and icon…a synonym for treason…his name will never be honored in the annals of the Senate, only reviled.


  2. Larkrise Says:

    Joe Lieberman is like a case of poison ivy or exzema, you just wish he would go away. He sees himself as such a rugged individualist, when, in fact, he is a frayed and feckless fool. The only entities worse than Lieberman are the idiots who voted for him. Hopefully, they will suffer in some way for their intense stupidity. They richly deserve it. He loves to keep rubbing his victory in the faces of the Democrats; and plops himself in the spotlight every chance he gets. What is sadly apparent about this pathetic little posturer is that he doesnt give a damn about the country or the perilous position it is in.
    If he wants to be remembered as part of the Bush-Cheney Cabal, that speaks volumes about his lack of character and integrity. He is campaigning for a spot in the Rogues Hall of Fame, and there is a slot with his name on it just waiting to be filled.

  3. joandarc Says:

    I’ve got this gut feeling that if Lieberman tries to shift the balance of power in the Senate, Chuck Hagel or Olympia Snowe will bolt to the Independent line caucausing with the Dems.

  4. Ellen Says:

    I still want to know why, after losing the Democratic primary and then running as an Independent, Lieberman still has seniority (as a Democrat, apparently) on Committees? That makes no sense. He should have to start all over again at the bottom (where bottom feeders belong).

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