Ladies and Gents — Mr. Charles Pierce, again

Our friend Mr. Pierce once again demonstrates the fine art of being royally pissed off and entertaining all at the same time.

Letter to Alteration:

Did it escape everyone’s attention that the president of the United States was both delusional and despicable this week? It is a considerable parlay, even by his standards. He stood up at a press conference and told David Gregory that only he, the mighty C-Plus Augustus, and his pet war are standing between Gregory’s children and a horrible death. I can tell you conclusively that, if a major-league manager stood up in his post-game presser and said anything that weird and indecent, the media paid to cover the team wouldn’t stop talking about it for a month and a half. A while back, Ozzie Guillen had some fascinating things to say on several occasions regarding gay people, and those comments haven’t just followed him, they have come to define his public persona. (Note to Jack Shafer — this may be why Al Gore ignored sports coverage in his critique of the media’s sad fascination with shiny baubles. Sports journalists do the job they way it’s supposed to be done. Presented with manifest incompetence on the part of a player at the job he has been hired to do, it doesn’t take a sports columnist seven years to feel safe enough to call the player a f**k-up.) The president ran off at the mouth in such a fashion as to call into question how closely he’s dancing with reality these days, and it just sort of filters into the news and is diluted and gone within 24 hours.

Look, sport. I’ll take care of my kids. One of the ways I’ll do it is to make sure that you and your creepazoid vice-president don’t send them off to be killed on the basis of lies, trickeration, and the fact that you never flattened Daddy on the front lawn that night you were sockless. Another of the ways I’ll do it is to make sure they fight as hard as they can to recapture the constitutional rights — and the culture of civil liberties — to which they are entitled by nature and by nature’s god, to make sure they never again have to live under a government staffed by legacy idiots and the products of fourth-rate right-wing diploma mills. The last way I’ll do it is to make sure they recognize and appreciate those things about this country that actually are worth fighting for — most of which you wouldn’t recognize if they fell off a shelf onto your head. Protect my kids? Ace, I wouldn’t hire you to mow my lawn.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    Three Hip, Hip, Hoorays for Mr. Pierce. He makes his point and rightfully so. I wouldn’t hire Bush to mow my lawn, either. Not only would he ruin my lawn, he would break the lawnmower. If the Jugeared Jackass is so good at reading Intelligence Reports, why does he ignore them? Why waste the time on something that you have to manipulate and cherrypick? The Chief Idiot has never been able to comprehend that terrorism is a global problem; that terrorists come from many countries, that his failure to railroad 9/11 before it happened was the invitation to more of the same; that destroying Iraq has increased the recruiting power of terrorists; and that the war in Iraq cannot and will not be won by his revolving door of definitions. What is BLATANTLY apparent to all but the comatose, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, is that Bush is simply buying time with human life to dump Iraq into the lap of the next administration. Then, he and Condi and the rest of the corrupt, demented Neo-Con Cabal will attempt to spin the reality of what has happened. Jimmy Carter should have stood by his words. Bush is owed NO respect whatsoever. He is the worst president in history, bar none.

  2. Chuck Says:

    “Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehensions of the week; and that it doing God’s service….”

    There is a good set of articles in the June Issue of Harper’s magazine on “UNDOING BUSH”. It’s only on-line for subscribers, but if you get a chance, buy it or go to the Library & read it. I particularly recommend it to Larkrise as back-up to the above letter.

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