Question of the day: Will Bush pardon Libby?

So what do you think?  Will the Scootinator be pardoned by Bush before he gets carted off to Club Fed?  For whatever it’s worth, my instincts say yes.  Pardoning Libby would be consistent with Bush’s modus operandi of pissing at the rule of law whenever possible, and as a special added bonus, of course, would also help to guarantee Libby’s continued silence.

But my instincts also tell me that Bush would pay a bigger price for doing this than most people believe.  Americans hate him — the polls leave no doubt about that — but they don’t hate him deeply enough, yet, to support radical action such as impeachment.

A Libby pardon could change that.  And yes, I know the public doesn’t seem all that revved up about the scandal right now: but my instincts — yeah, them again — tell me a pardon could start an avalanche of public anger, perhaps starting slowly, but then building both in speed and strength until it consumes the administration.

So, my first bet is that Bush will pardon Libby.  My second bet is he’ll live to regret it. 

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Question of the day: Will Bush pardon Libby?”

  1. Again Says:

    i think, he will think of Paris Hilton - at the moment the time is not really ripe for coddling your cronies

    actually, i was very impressed by an interview that Queen Laura gave to the TV at the G8 - not impressed by her fixed smile of a ballerina, but by the fact, that she did something like begging for mercy for her “great husband”…

    yes, he grows old while doing such a fine job…

    i guess, he grows old, because of the heartless attacks and the betrayal of the American people, not to obey his wise advice blindly, i guess, he grows old, because he suffers like Caesar, looking at Brutus and the knife..

    then i thought of the fun he had when a moritura begged for mercy - i thought of the happiness when he could go to war, renaming the bombing of wedding parties and burning of little girls “collateral damage”…

    but when democracy elected someone else…

    the poor guy suffers…

    i think, that Bush doesn’t know much, but he knows the Law of the Strongest - and that means that healthy sharks kill wounded sharks - and he knows that he is wounded

  2. Larry the Red Says:

    “So, my first bet is that Bush will pardon Libby. My second bet is he’ll live to regret it. ” I can’t believe that Shrub will “live to regret” anything, ever, period. If I had to bet my own money on a pardon, though, I’d bet against it. Libby is Cheney’s guy, not Shrub’s. I doubt that Shrub gives a flying f*** what happens to Libby.

  3. Larkrise Says:

    There are two rules that govern people with no ethics and no conscience: They will take the path of least resistance. They will do whatever benefits them the most. The second will trump the first if money or power is involved.
    Pardoning Libby would cause a stir, a lot of resistance. But, if pardoning Libby benefits Bush because it allows him to maintain power of one kind or another, he will do it.

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