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As most of you know, the leading Democratic presidential contenders are refusing to debate on Fox News.  They’ve decided (with a little encouragement from the party’s rank and file) that it would be idiotic for the Democratic Party to give legitimacy to a GOP mouthpiece, like Fox, by holding a debate on it.

Predictably, Fox has responded by accusing the Democrats of being cowards.  Now, Tim Russert has piled on:

COLMES: That’s why — you know, candidates of both parties should come on this show. They don’t. Democrats don’t want to go on with him; some Republicans don’t want to come on with me. I think that’s wrong. And I think Democrats make a mistake not allowing a debate to take place on the FOX News Channel.

RUSSERT: It’s a TV show. If you can’t handle TV questions, how are you going to stand up to Iran, and North Korea, and the rest of the world?

But now Atrios has come up with the perfect response.  “Could The Nation team up with Air America and offer to sponsor a Republican debate please?” he suggests.

I love it.  It would be great to see how Rudy, John, Mitt & Co. would respond if the roles were reversed?

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  1. iowametal76 Says:

    “That’s totally different,” said the fear-mongering Republican mouthpiece. “The Nation and Air America are well-known for having overtly liberal biases and spread anti-troop and anti-American propaganda. They aren’t news outlets, they’re opinion outlets. FOX News is a reputable, fair and balanced news channel of the utmost in journalistic integrity. That type of suggestion merely illustrates the anti-Freedom and unpatriotic attitudes of the left and further proves their implicit collusion with The Terrorists and their socialist and communist agendas. Also, henceforth the word ‘irony’ shall be forever stricken from the record.”

  2. Larkrise Says:

    The kind of individual who watches Faux News is unable to benefit from a debate. They are True Believers of the Far Right. Their minds are sealed tightly shut and rusted from years of disuse. They no longer respond to facts, nor are they able to be objective. Hysteria and histrionics are their usual response. Just look at Bill O’Reilly. Logic, reason, and
    ethics play no part in their scheme of life. You can show them facts, figures, studies, expert testimony, etc. It makes absolutley NO difference. This is why they continue to support George W. Bush. Birds of a feather flock together. I wouldnt worry about any criticism from Tim Russert. He is too busy listening only to himself. His ego outweighs his brain tissue. There is a hardcore 20 or so % that will support Bush, support the Far Right, support Faux News, and support any idiotic, bigoted, bloated BS that comes from these sources. The Democratic candidates are correct in refusing to give any credibility to Murdoch’s propaganda machine. If you wan to keep your shoes clean, you dont purposefully step in a pile of manure.

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