Ann Coulter: What a crybaby

Bullies are so predictable: They dish out abuse by the gallons, but if anyone gives even a thimble’s worth of the same in return they whine and cry like babies.  Case in point: Ann Coulter. 

Elizabeth Edwards calls into Chris Matthews’ show to ask Coulter to stop spewing hatred, managing to throw Coulter badly off her game in the process.  What’s Ann’s response?  She throws a temper tantrum.  Just pathetic.

But it’s far from an aberration.  In fact, it reminds me a lawyer I dealt with a few years ago — a classic bully type, trying to win through intimidation.  During depositions, when I was asking the questions, he would smirk and snicker and generally act as though I must be the most incompetent lawyer he’d ever dealt with. 

It was infuriating, I’ll give him that much. 

So I decided to try an experiment: at a later deposition when it was my obnoxious opponent’s turn to ask the questions, I gave him a slight taste of his own medicine — nothing nearly as bad as his own conduct, just a few smirks in response to his attempts to form questions.  He came unglued.

He was a bully.  He could give it, but he couldn’t take it.  So although I understand the reasoning of those who say we should just ignore Coulter, I don’t agree.  As long as she continues to spread hate, we should keep the heat on her.  Then watch her whine.

Besides, what have we got to lose?  The more she talks the more she turns off everyone except the far right wing.  Coulter (together with a horde of fellow travelers) did some real damage through slander to the reputation of liberals back in the old days, but that’s ancient history now.  She’s a cheap imitation of a professional wrestler now — a clown to perform for the true believers. 

The key now isn’t to ignore her: it’s to treat her like the sick (and unfunny) joke she is.   

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One Response to “Ann Coulter: What a crybaby”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    I do agree that Coulter has become such a sick phenomenon that she appeals only to the fringe lunatics and crazies. The Media, however, keep trotting her out like she should be taken seriously. I suggest writing or emailing protests. I intend to take Chris Matthews to task. The woman is way out of line. One could make a case that she is inviting harm to John Edwards. She is encouraging the lunatic fringe to harm him. If a Progressive said the BS about Bush or Cheney that she has said on TV, the FBI would be on them like fleas on a dog! It is irresponsible and dangerous to give this Howling Harpie From Hell a platform. She is not only slanderous, she is basically threatening someone’s life by her comments and lies. Let MSNBC know that. Do they want to be responsible for harm coming to John Edwards because they value ratings over decency and responsible behavior? This sure isnt funny, folks. Coulter has been pushing the envelope for some time. I think she has crossed over into threatening the safety of another public figure.

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