I’m hoping for a pardon

Yell at me if you must, but I’m secretly hoping that George W. Bush pardons the Scootinator now that Club Fed is nipping at his heels.  It isn’t that Libby doesn’t deserve to do some time.  He does.  But I’ll trade that smidgen of justice lost, for the frame a pardon will place around Bush’s head for all time. 

That Bush holds the rule of law in contempt is beyond question.  It’s no stretch to suggest that of all the damage this administration has done to the United States, the unraveling of Executive Department respect for law may be the most important.  Yet, not everyone sees it as a big deal.  And the reason, I think, is that so many of the issues involved (warrantless searches, politicization of the Justice Department, presidential signing statements) are legally complex.

What’s needed is a simple metaphor for Bush’s lawlessness: something people who are usually apathetic about political and legal issues can clearly see.

A Libby pardon does that.  And my instincts tell me it could very well start an avalanche of public anger, perhaps starting slowly, but then building both in speed and strength until it buries what little is left of the administration’s credibility, causing allies to head for the hills, and ending Bush’s ability to continue stonewalling the various ongoing investigations.

Go ahead, George, make my day.

Update: Be careful what you wish for.  I guess we’ll see if I was right.

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One Response to “I’m hoping for a pardon”

  1. Again Says:

    Update: Be careful what you wish for. I guess we’ll see if I was right.

    so right! The problem with wishes is, that you mostly forget to wish for what you take for granted. But there is only one truth about the “self-evidences” - they never exist

    what is your “self-evidence” you do not bother to wish, so that the “Godmother Lilith” (Terry Pratchett ;-) ) is eager to show you the pitilessness of Wish Fairies?

    reminds me of something i heard about Hong Kong. The city is something like an “experimental laboratory” for China - how much freedom do people really want/need in case you feed them and entertain them? Panes et circences, you know, “Jobs and Super Bowl”

    and actually, it seems, that people don’t care about freedom, don’t bother about free speech or free elections or….

    or law? Or human dignity? Can you tell the price? No? So how to account for, how to fix the dividend for the share holders? And in leader-oriented societies people know that very well, they know, that they only have a chance for some crumbs, when the leader is satisfied (the famous “pecking order”) - so they don’t care about empty promises like “equal rights for everyone” - they see that the leaders always will have more rights: In the mathematicians’ terminology, this is a proof by contradiction

    so people usually decide - in leader oriented societies - to take what they can get

    panes et circenses - it worked in Rome, it works in Hong Kong, it works everywhere


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