The Iraqi Information Minister returns!

Everything you may have heard to the contrary notwithstanding, it turns out that things are actually going swimmingly in Iraq: just ask George W. Bush.

It also turns out, contrary to what virtually all rational observers have heretofore believed, that Israel’s war against Hezbollah in Lebanon last summer was actually a smashing success: just ask Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

And to think I blithely assumed that former Iraqi Information Minister Saeed al-Sahaf (“Baghdad Bob”) had simply dropped out of sight, when it’s now obvious that he’s been quite busy advising the leadership of the US and Israeli governments on the finer points of message management.

Talk about landing on both feet!    

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2 Responses to “The Iraqi Information Minister returns!”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Speaking of the “Bluebird of Happiness,” (whatayamean we weren’t?)


    I was talking to the Nuthatches & Chickadees earlier today & I guess I didn’t get their story quite right. The Nuthatches are sloppy eaters so there is a lot of food left left on the ground, (& my deck!) for the other birds to partake, and they also like to flock with the chickadees because the chickadees have a really good early warning system for predators–sort of a green-yellow-orange-FLY AWAY NOW & FAST–system.

    How are your dance lessons with the bees coming along?


  2. Larkrise Says:

    Iraq is getting worse. The Surge was a useless expenditure of American servicemen and women’s lives. The Green Zone is a killing zone, like all of Iraq. The True Believers scream that if we leave a bloodbath will ensue, as if a bloodbath isnt already ensuing. One the one hand they shout that if we dont fight “them” there, we will have to fight “them” here. “Them” is Al-Quaeda, of course, who has already been here. Bush not only didnt fight them before they came, he ignored the warnings they were coming. Now, we learn that since he didnt catch “them” in Afghanistan, and took a disastrous detour into Iraq, “They” have re-grouped in the mountains of Pakistan. This is hardly new news. Those reports have been around for at least 2-3 years. Since the war is a total failure in Iraq, Bush has decided to turn on his fear-generating machine AGAIN, and have Chertoff trot out his GUT feelings that another attack is imminent. Then, we have the CIA report that “They” have regained strength. They also mention this is due to the war in Iraq- a wonderful recruiting tool and training ground for terrorists. However, this tends to be an aside in the Media. Of course, terrorists are chomping at the bit to get at us. Is this news? But, Bush has failed to implement many of the recommendations to prepare us for such an attack. He has poured all of our resources into destroying Iraq. All of this shows how incompetent Bush is. He uses his failures to threaten us and to distract from his failures. Talk about spin! The absolute and total insanity of this administration is enough to make you dizzy! And, by the way, Lugar isnt putting his money where his mouth is, as usual. He voted with his Grand Old Party Pinheads against extending the time between re-deployments to Iraq for our troops. God forbid, the Hypocritical Old Fart should do ANYTHING that bespoke of compassion or genuine concern for our servicemen and women. He just can’t break his obsession with being the most loyal party hack in Washington, D.C. He would rather be loyal to his party than to his country.

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