Question of the day: What should Bush do when he leaves office?

My answer: eight years of court ordered community service.

What’s your answer?

27 Responses to “Question of the day: What should Bush do when he leaves office?”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    The Hague awaits him. He should be tried for crimes against humanity and found guilty as charged.

  2. realista Says:

    Don a hair shirt and wander in the desert until he comes to terms with the gravity of his sins of omission and commission and asks for forgiveness from the planet’s people.

  3. marmstrong57 Says:

    Time — hard time!

  4. angie Says:

    Who cares?

    Personally, I hope he is made to suffer a long, miserable, unfulfilled life. I hold out no hope that he will ever comprehend the unfathomable destruction and despair he has wreaked upon the planet.

    My energy, however, will be put in a forward direction to block the “election” of as many Republican neocons as possible and their assault upon our democracy and the world’s peoples and resources.

  5. kwa1daa2 Says:

    Stand trial for Treason, and Crimes Against Humanity. Then made to spend the rest of his miserable life in a cell with Dick Cheney.

  6. ProgressNow Says:

    Make license plates and share a cell with Big Ike in a maximum security prison.

  7. zonmoy Says:

    Life in prison, and put him in the darkest and dingiest cell in all the realm with a cellmate who hasn’t bathed since the Eisenhower Administration.

  8. FreeDem Says:

    The tradition of making small rocks from big rocks comes first to mind, as does the old fashioned stocks set up in downtown Baghdad, and a death by hurled shoes. but as sanity returns I realize that a very civilized trial in the Hague is probably the best that can be hoped for.

    Unfortunately as much as he personifies the problem, the real problem is deeper than Bush or Cheney, and unless there is a major RICO investigation that smokes out and both prosecutes membership in the various Fronts of the Gang Of Pirates, but also confiscates the stolen funds, and other ill gotten gains, and burns out every satrapy, in less that a generation it will need doing again.

  9. Karen Webb Says:

    Run like Hell.

  10. jimeuf Says:

    Dubya should go to Jail, go directly to Jail.
    He and his whole gang should be tried under the RICO Laws, including Wolfie, Rove, DeLay, Hastert, Lieberman, Cristol, Feith, Frist and the rest of the Neocons at PNAC. When found guilty, they should surrender all profits they gathered after Jan.20, 2001. After their LIFE without parole sentences for Treason they should be made to serve the time in State prisons, not the Federal Country Clubs. They should be held under the same conditions as those at Gitmo, no visits, no packages, no contact with the outside world or each other. They then should be made to send hand written letters of apology to each and every service member wounded in their folly and to the families of those killed, with the name of that victim to be included in said letters.

  11. alwayshope Says:

    There’s this little nagging thing on my shoulder that keeps whispering “IF he leaves office.”

    I’ll feel so relieved that he’s gone, I can’t care right now what happens to him. I hope he is held accountable for his murderous actions and jailed until such time that his specially built floor below Hell is prepared and waiting for him and Cheney and Rove and their minions.

    But I’m afraid that little naggy thingy will be on my shoulder til January 2009.

  12. Mme Flutterbye Says:

    He’ll cut brush when the camaras are on him. Some kind of humanitarian endeavor in which he’ll never participate will be manufactured to give him a human face. We’ll find out that he has had alzheimers for the past eight years, and the sheeple will feel sorry for him. The Republican spin machine ala Ronald Reagan, will begin to sanctify him. Five years later, he’ll be touted as a great president and not the serial killer that he is.

  13. tsegat01 Says:

    Of course he should go to jail, but his cell will have a video camera running 24 hours a day and broadcast on a cable TV station called “All Bush, All the Time”.

    My 2nd choice would be send him to Baghdad for the rest of his life and NOT in the Green Zone. He would have to live with the Iraqi people that he so generously set “free”!

  14. verushka Says:

    Since Congress is incapable of impeaching Gonzales, I doubt very much that the Bushies and co will ever be punished. My wish would be to let them rot in Gitmo exactely as they themselves do with the present occupants. No justice, no communication, “no nothing”. Forget them in that hole.

  15. Micro Says:

    Bush should immediately be arrested and sent to the Hague to be tried and convicted of war crimes. His sentence….I better not say what I think they should do to him!

  16. franky1 Says:

    I believe that g EORGE bUSH, dICK cHENEY, cONDI rICE, jOHN rOBERTS,

  17. MarcCuster Says:

    Turn him self in for full investigation for all the high crimes and traitorous deeds he has done. With the RICO laws, all his property should be confiscated, unclassify all his documents. As he still owes at leat a year of service in the Air National Guard, he should face Court Marshal, busted to the lowest rank, transfered to the Army National Guard, deployed to Iraq into the line. If he isn’t fragged or killed in action after 18 months, then discharge him in country to spend the rest of his days there.

  18. jxh261 Says:


  19. sebsainclair Says:

    Imagine that: “the George W. Bush’s Library”. ROFLOL!!

  20. Denis Foley Says:

    I cannot believe that the ‘powers that be’ will allow Bush to walk around talking to people after he leaves office.Especially if he has had a few drinks or a couple of lines of cocaine.I fear that the next 911 is going to be the assassination of Dubya and the introduction of even greater assaults on the constitution of the U.S.A. The level of criminality in this administration and their willing killers has sunk to such a level that ‘they’ cannot give up power. To be removed from power will remove the corrupt protections that this gang of murderers has enjoyed up to now.None of ‘them’ want the gravy train to be derailed or the Law to examine their crimes.Watch out America! You may be at the mercy of your own All American torturers and killers,there are plenty of ‘Stone Killers’out there now, trained at those All American training schools at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Without some action by the U.S. people you and your republic are finished. Wake up! The worst is yet to come. You may be heading into another Civil War or the Second American Revolution. For us foriegners, outside the U.S., this is like watching your oldest friend,someone you always looked up to, committing suicide.We want to yell at you! Don’t do this. Stop being cowards.Resist this madness! Love and tears. Denis Foley.(Nelson B.C. Canada)

  21. yeranalyst Says:

    I fear you are right Denis, but if what you suggest is our next 9/11 it would be the best of all possible 9/11s. I fear that these criminals are going to perpetrate something really horrendous like nuking a major city or releasing some deadly contagion. I want people to know that if something pops off, to strenuously resist succumbing to martial law, and don’t jump to conclusions particularly conclusions coming out of the Bush Whitehouse, the mainstream media, or the neocons be they Republican or Democrat.

    If something like 9/11 occurs demand an investigation by a non partisan, non political committee made up of trial lawyers, academics, and foreign private investigators from small firms. Giving the committee the power to subpoena anyone, and any document regardless of classification. The committee should be able to cross examine anyone under oath, and the whole process should be public and totally transparent. The committee should also have the power to convene a Grand Jury.

  22. yeranalyst Says:

    I think Bush and Cheney should sit in a jail cell in Guantanimo or Abu Ghraib until they can memorize and recite exactly The Constitution and Koran. Their prison detail should be waiting on and serving the staff who guard them. The Staff being those that have been tortured or renditioned by them.

  23. cowdog Says:

    He should have to live in a really run-down trailer park with at least a dozen barking dogs all around. His trailer should be in the sun with no shade and no air conditioning.
    He would have no health care, and all his investment accounts and bank accounts would be emptied and given to the American people.
    He should be left with no income except what he would make per week working a minimum wage job.
    He can be given no extra money.
    His trailer should be 30 years old with a broken furnace and winter tempuratures as low as -20. And the carpet really dirty.

  24. cowdog Says:

    It would be nice if he were required to live in a trailer park with at least a dozen dogs barking day and night. His trailer would be in the full sun with no AC and a broken funace with winter temps as low as -20.
    His bank and investment accounts and all other monies should be taken from him and given to the American people.
    His trailer should be at least 30 years old with really really dirty carpet and bad plumbing.
    No car for him either, only public transportation to get to his minimum wage job with no extra income and no health insurance.
    No phone either. All alone. No tv, no cable, only Dostoevsky novels to read and that is all.

  25. manicdepressive Says:

    He (and Cheney!) should be forced to walk down a dark street somewhere in Iraq at night….alone, with no security, no weapons of any kind, no protection …..nothing but his arrogance and pride and, of course, his loving god and his god damn smirk. And that would be the end of an error….the end of two errors!

  26. ZogTheObvious Says:

    Okay, first we shave him.

    Then we tattoo pink polka-dots all over his body.

    Then… we stand him in a pool full of snot up to his chin and throw a bucket of poop at his head to see if he ducks.

    Oh, and we videotape the whole thing and post it on YouTube.

  27. Denis Foley Says:

    The responses to this very serious question are getting sillier by the moment. Pink polka dots!? Perhaps it is true, that Americans cannot grasp the enormity of what has been done to your country. Do you really think that the German people realised in 1933 what condition their nation would be in after 12 years of Hitler.There are dreadful times ahead for you unless you wake up and take to the streets. Here’s a trio of questions to consider.1/.Will an ex-Iraq vet’ pick up a rifle and start shooting the people who lied you into a criminal war? 2/.When the war is over and the troops have returned in disgrace will they be looking for somebody to blame?3/. When the right wing of American politics feels threatened will they blame Israel for leading them astray and turn on the Jews of America, whether they supported the war or opposed it?Serious questions that need serious consideration not silly fantasies. Regards to all. Denis Foley.

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