Gays in homophobic land

Another day, another homophobic politician caught being gay. 

The Religious Right really does need to toughen up its entrance exam.

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One Response to “Gays in homophobic land”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Sheesh!! Here was a missed opportunity on my part. (I’ll blame Steve for it though.) The big mucky-muck 747 must have gone right over my house–or at least closer than a mile–on its way to a fund-raiser for Rep. & I didn’t have my NRA/Republican sanctioned-private owned- gun-show bought .50 Cal. Sniper rifle.

    Gays? What’s that got to do with anything? If people want to be happy, (we used to call it being in a gay mood,) more power to them. As soon as I hear of a few people sitting on the dock at the Hague, I’ll be bright and sunny too.

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