Tucker Carlson: Smiter of “evil” — the multiple choice test

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, that ultimate Alfa Male himself, Tucker Carlson, recently did a little bragging on TV about the time he and a pal beat up a gay man who “bothered him” in a public restroom.  I actually heard the exchange live, and can attest from firsthand experience that it was, to say the least, a little creepy.

Now, first, go to Media Matters to watch the video (there’s also a transcript).  They have also posted a rather odd explanation sent in by the Tuckinator himself, wherein he “explains” that he wasn’t gay bashing at all, but, to the contrary, heroically (if you can call going to get a buddy to help you rough someone up heroic) defending himself against a sexual assault.

Having viewed the video, now please answer the following multiple choice question:  Is the Bow-Tied Avenger,

Number (1): a gay bashing predatory freak who needs to be locked up forever for the protection of the public at large;

Number (2): a homophobic coward who thinks he can impress people with his Macho Manhood by, shall we say, creatively “writing” a story that portrays himself facing down an evil gay person (meaning, of course, that he should be forever barred from our television screens for dishonesty); or,

Number (3): a heroic defender of virtue who single-handedly (with the help of a friend) brought down an evildoer, and, thus, should be held up as an example to our children as a hero to be emulated.

Choose one of the following answers:

a. Number 1 is true;

b. Number 2 is true;

c. Number 3 is true;

d. Oh, for Pete’s sake, Tucker Carlson couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag even if he did have a friend helping him.

4 Responses to “Tucker Carlson: Smiter of “evil” — the multiple choice test”

  1. www.buzzflash.net Says:

    Tucker Carlson: Smiter of "evil" — the multiple choice test…

    If you haven’t seen the video where Tucker Carlson brazenly admits he and "someone he knew" went in and slammed a guy’s head into the stall for hitting on Tucker. Carlson claims he’s not anti-gay, but if that’s true, we can’t imagine wha…

  2. VettaKing Says:

    You could take the loudest, proudest, most effeminate flamer in the world and match him up with little Tucker and I would put money on the gay fellow. Little Tucker couldn’t beat up a Chiuhahua, much less a gay man. Not to mention. I can’t imagine anyone hitting on Tucker, man or woman.

  3. Dallas112263 Says:

    Tucker Carlson…? The guy with the bow tie…? Hmmm…, and he needed help of course… It has been my experience that those who crow the loudest usually have insecurities about their own orientation… And guys who respond with violence are usually closet queens in denial…


  4. truth seeker Says:

    Isn’t always the littlest dog which puts on the biggest show of ferocity? Little Tucker, even his name is wimpy, would make his creative writing teacher proud. All of these GDR’s (gol durned repubs) make me sick. Family values my ass.

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