Thank you, Republican Governor Perry

I had seen the stories that Texas was getting ready to execute the getaway driver in a botched robbery turned homicide.  Obviously, he deserves to pay dearly for his crimes, and he will.  But to impose capital punishment under those circumstances would be an abomination.

Thankfully now that will not be happening, at least in this case.

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One Response to “Thank you, Republican Governor Perry”

  1. CCone Says:

    Hmm. Botched robbery turned homicide? These guys had robbed four other people, and I just read on Amnesty International that Foster was supposedly shocked when he found out that Brown robbed LaHood. Hmm. Let me see. They robbed four other people that same night, in separate incidences, and then we are to believe that he was shocked Brown got out and robbed LaHood. Also, bringing a handgun to rob people is intent. I would have to read the transcript, but if Foster knew about the gun, I am sorry, but he should have known his friend could use it. There is culpability. He willing became involved in a violent crime, robbery involving a handgun.

    If he had no knowledge, he should be in prison for a very long time. Group robbery with the size of these men was life threatening to whomever they approached if the victim was by themselves and unarmed. Stealing is one thing, but face to face robbery is another.

    If he knew about the gun, he is as guilty as the man (Brown) who pulled the trigger.

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