Today’s daydream: Anita Hill sues the bastard

Justice Clarence Thomas has a new autobiography out: My Grandfather’s Son.  It’s on my reading list right below The Wit and Wisdom of Bill Bennett (yeah I made that up). 

Anyway, according to news reports, Justice Thomas attacks Anita Hill harshly in the book, describing her as a mediocre but ambitious lawyer and as “my most traitorous adversary.”  I assume from all this that Thomas accuses Hill of lying in her testimony and acting as a willing player in the “high-tech lynching” he has long claimed to have been victimized by.

Those are fighting words.  They are also, if untrue, defamatory.  And, yes, that means a lawsuit with full discovery including the right to take depositions.

I think it’s extremely unlikely that Anita Hill will sue (if I were advising her personally, I’d probably suggest that life’s too short and she should let it go).  Still, when you look back over Thomas’s embarrassingly undistinguished (but consistently right-wing) Supreme Court career, and then remember that it was made possible in large part by an anti-Hill smear campaign, it’s hard not to dream.

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2 Responses to “Today’s daydream: Anita Hill sues the bastard”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Sue the Bastard!!! If that doesn’t work, Impeach! Do them both!

    And what is this “life’s too short” crap? When Is life so short that justice should take a back seat?

    I’m still in a bad mood.

  2. Larkrise Says:

    Me, too, Chuck. Clarence Thomas adds NOTHING to the Court. He is wasting a seat there. He and that total ass, Scalia, have no ethics, no dignity, and add only vacuous verbiage to any decisions handed down. Now that Roberts and Alito have been added to the mix, it will be some time before the Supreme Court regains its necessary and distinguished function as an objective body, capable of truly interpreting the law. These small-minded, little men have reduced it to nothing more than partisan political puffery. They do more harm than good to our society.
    Anita Hill has suffered enough at the hands of the right-wing. But, I, too, wish she would sue the Bastard.

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