How early is too early to shop after Thanksgiving?

Hi. It’s Chad. This is the last of our Thanksgiving-related items. We are taking a well-deserved holiday, but will be back Monday. Enjoy the holiday!

A holiday is supposed to be a time of reflection. And even though many get the day after Thanksgiving off, it’s not technically a holiday.

But if the “sales holiday” begins at 4 a.m., as it does with Kohl’s this year, and you would have to go to bed at 8 p.m. just to get 7 hours sleep (with an hour to get ready and down to the store), then aren’t we cutting into the actual holiday of Thanksgiving?

The beauty of a holiday is to enjoy the whole day, a difficult task if I have to brush my teeth and get ready by 8 p.m. (After all, there’s now an extra NFL game at night on Thanksgiving Day.)

Of course, you could go the other way, such as the Eden Prairie Center or the Boise Town Square is doing and opening at 1 a.m. Friday morning. Hey, just stay up all night after you’ve had a pound of turkey in your belly and go shopping.

Plus, if you are looking online for what sales to hit, you are spending a considerable part of your Thanksgiving holiday on your computer, planning and strategizing. And quite frankly, given the state of the economy and the need for some things, these sales are tempting.

Have you ever shopped that early? Was it worth it? Are you going to go it again this year? Or do you think the crassness of shopping wrecks Thanksgiving for you?

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4 Responses to “How early is too early to shop after Thanksgiving?”

  1. Says:

    How early is too early to shop after Thanksgiving?…

    Some malls are opening at 1 a.m. Friday. Major department stores are now opening at 4 a.m. What the hell happened to Thanksgiving as a holiday?…

  2. Metzengerstein Says:

    For several years now, I’ve been half expecting someone — probably WalMart — to announce that they will open up on Thanksgiving evening and/or Christmas afternoon. The latter would be for people to get a head start on the ritual of returning all the junk nobody needed or wanted that they spent 6 weeks buying and for the store to recapture those return-item dollars.

    It’s no longer really a matter of the holiday being “over-commercialized” so much as it is that holidays have simply become commercial events devoid of any other actual meaning.

  3. alwayshope Says:

    True, Metzengerstein.
    It’s becoming the day before the big, crazy sales begin.
    Eat and shop, rinse, repeat.

    I’m not much of a shopper at any time of the day or night. I plan to spend a great Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, eat a lot, sample a little wine, play cards and laugh a lot. I’m going to follow that by sleeping in friday.

    I want to wish everyone at the cafe a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Eat, drink and be merry. May next Thanksgiving Day be a day we will be too thankful to contain ourselves! The light at the end of the darkness will be soooooooooo welcome.

  4. Larkrise Says:

    I have never shopped the day after Thanksgiving. The crowds are terrible, the orgy of buying unappealing, and I have better things to do-even if its just to rest. The housing bubble is going to be followed by the credit card bubble. I use a debit card. If the money is in the bank, I can spend it. If not, I have to wait or reconsider. But, millions of people have put way too much debt on their credit cards. With gasoline and food becoming inflationary, many card holders are at or exceeding their limit. It’s going to become one more nail in the coffin of the economy. Excess, greed, mismanagement, and predatory practices are the downfall of our society. Bush is the poster boy for all of this mess, along with his corporate fat-cat cronies and contributors.
    This is an aside, but what is it with these rich, old vicious men like Richard Mellon Scaife and T. Boone Pickens? Don’t they have a life, for godsake!? They both have spent large sums setting up nasty, venomous mudslinging fests against Clinton and Kerry, to influence elections and destroy reputations. Whatever happened to reasonably stating that they support one candidate or another, or one party or another for xyz reasons, and leave it at that? Instead, they have underwritten all manner of devious enterprises to negatively influence voters. It speaks volumes more about THEIR lack of character than it does about their targets of such disgusting, immoral, unethical behavior. Have they nothing better to do with their vast sums of money? How about giving to the American Cancer Society? How about giving to Save The Children, The Mercy Corps, the many organizations and charities that work tirelessly to help others? That would be money well-spent. And, if they do this already, they need to do more. They have the ability to do so.This would serve society far better than underwriting vicious attacks on their fellow man. These elderly gentlemen will be remembered not for their generosity, but for their hateful, bitter dispositions, their avarice and their selfishness. That isnt much to be proud of. No amount of money can erase the lasting legacy of their bile.

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