Bush caring about Middle East peace? Not a chance

Hi. It’s Chad. Not being afraid of controversial topics once again today.

Cynical doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction to Bush finally noticing the Israeli-Palestine issue. Though Republican presidents tend to pay little attention to the process (partisanship aside, Clinton and Carter are the only ones who excelled at this), the current resident has exceeded the low expectations of Republican presidents in his disdain.

One of the cynical (yes, there’s that word again) reasons Bush has ignored the process is the evangelicals’ line about Israel needing to keep its land to fulfill their vision of Biblical destiny. I am so ready to believe that is true. I know some Jewish people appreciate the “support” from evangelicals, but it creeps me out. A group saying they believe in your cause in the short-term, but believe in your annihilation in the long-term.

But it raises the question: why now? Why is Bush getting involved (well, sort of) now?

Bush talks about his vision of a two-state solution, but won’t impose it. Of course, he won’t impose it because his base would have his hide. Yet he’s able to get away with saying “two-state solution” yet doing nothing about it.

Clinton got so close to a solution that if Gore hadn’t been denied his rightful place, we may have had a solution already.

And in case, Bush doesn’t get it: the animosity in that part of the world has been heightened by his refusal to get involved before now. And in even getting involved, his effort is not even half-hearted.

So what should we make of this “effort” to find some place between Israel and Palestine? Complete cynicism? Is there an evangelical angle to all of this? We know it’s going to fail, but is this a way for Bush to say “I tried”? If so, he shouldn’t have bothered.

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5 Responses to “Bush caring about Middle East peace? Not a chance”

  1. www.buzzflash.net Says:

    Bush caring about Middle East peace? Not a chance…

    Why is Bush suddenly concerned with peace in the Middle East? His base doesn’t want a 2-state solution. He talks about it yet does NOTHING about it….

  2. Dee Says:

    Bush is trying for the Nobel Peace Prize. God, why can’t we rid ourselves of that piece of crap (Bush)?!

  3. Larkrise Says:

    How many Presidents have tried for peace in the Middle East since the creation of Israel? It’s practically a cottage industry. Condoleeza Rice wanted a piece of the action for her own image and “legacy.” She’s talked Dubya into joining the list of Presidents who have worked for peace in the Middle East as a means to tidy up his legacy. It wont work, of course, and Dubious Dubya isnt putting much personal effort into it. But, whatever Condi wants, he will make some effort at pleasing her. Whatever…..
    George W. Bush will be remembered for Iraq. Condoleeza Rice will be remembered for dropping the ball on 9/11. Even if they managed to broker some kind of accord, it wouldnt last a month. The Middle East is a tinderbox. The smallest spark can set it off. Between the two of them, they have insulted more countries and their leaders than you can count. It is amazing that anyone has shown up.

  4. Again Says:


    God, why can’t we rid ourselves of that piece of crap (Bush)?!

    yes, that’s what i think also, each and every day, in the morning, in the evening, every time, i listen to the news

    i guess, it’s because Bush is just a symptom - look around you, how often greed and stupidity rules our world instead of far-seeing and responsible human beings

    Bush is just the top of the iceberg - if you cut off the head of that Hydra, much more than two will grow back, i fear. We should look for a Iolaus to help us ;-)

  5. spmosher Says:

    Bush is trying his hardest to be seen as a peacemaker in his final days. He has no interest in anything but whatever promotes his self image. All other concerns are secondary.

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