What question would you ask the Presidential candidates?

Hi. It’s Chad. The debate last night and other pondering thoughts led me here today.

Perhaps you don’t have the technology or aptitude to upload a video. Or if you do, it somehow has to get past the CNN “deciders.” And it has to be succinct, odd but not too odd, and mainstream, and ideally tying to a key MSM direction (e.g., immigration for Republicans, health care for Democrats).

The process means that many problems that affect Americans were ignored by these CNN/YouTube debates.

So today’s question is really simple: What question would you ask and to whom would you ask it? You could ask either a Democrat or Republican.

There are some ground rules for this, but they are so basic. Try to keep the questions within reason (no huge essay questions), ask a current candidate for president (not Al Gore), and the usual no obscenity/libel/vulgarity, etc. Otherwise, go for it.

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6 Responses to “What question would you ask the Presidential candidates?”

  1. www.buzzflash.net Says:

    What question would you ask the Presidential candidates?…

    Are we truly getting the whole of the nation’s problems through these YouTube debates? No. CNN "decides" what questions are worthy. So here is a (reasonably) unfiltered way to submit a question, no uploading skills necessary….

  2. DGB Says:

    Rudy Giuliani harshly criticized Ron Paul for suggesting that US policy in the Mid East, policies that have been in place since oil was 1st discovered in the region, might have had something to do with 9/11.

    So I’d like to ask him why it’s not hypocritical of him to be accepting support from Pat Robertson, who said that God sent the terrorists as punishment for allowing women to vote, or some such…

  3. bertg Says:

    I’d like John Edwards to tell us what steps he would take to reform the election process.

  4. Larkrise Says:

    1. Is Social Security in any real danger? If so, explain the problem.
    2. How do you propose to secure Social Security for generations to come?
    3. What changes are you considering for the Medicare Program?
    4. Are you going to propose eliminating the “donut” situation in the plan for
    helping Seniors with the cost of medications?

  5. bodo Says:

    Mitt Romney

    Why do you refuse to answer questions about your religious beliefs, saying that the questioner should ask a Mormon theologian? After all, you were exempt from the draft during the Vietnam war because you were a Mormon missionary.

  6. Weirdharold Says:

    (all) Please explain your position our drug prohibition laws that criminalize cultivation, manufacture, transporting, possession, and sale of a product. Please explain the value of these laws. I would appreicate your stance as a lawmaker not a drug maker.

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