Is Andy Rooney scarier than God?

Pat Robertson is at it again.  Having recently spoken with God about what will be happening in the coming year, he’s making some predictions, most of them gloomy (but don’t get to depressed, his track record hasn’t exactly been stellar).  But while he’s more than willing to pass along God’s insights on many other worldly concerns, he’s expressly refusing to offer any divinely inspired predictions as to the 2008 presidential election.

It seems that God has, in fact, told Robertson who’s going to win, but Robertson has decided not to pass the info along because otherwise Andy Rooney might make fun of him — and no, I kid you not.

(Virginian-Pilot) Pat Robertson predicts violence, recession for 2008

On Wednesday, Robertson, 77, implied that God informed him who will be elected president in November.

“He told me some things about the election, but I’m not going to say, because some old man on “60 Minutes” would make fun of me, so I’m not going to tell you who the winner’s going to be,” Robertson said, in apparent reference to CBS humorist Andy Rooney, who turns 89 on Jan. 14.

Let’s add this up, shall we?  God, the omnipotent creator of the universe has told Pat Robertson, an evangelical preacher, whose job, one would suppose, is to pass along God’s wisdom, who the next president will be.  But Robertson has chosen to keep the answer to himself, lest 89-year-old Andy Rooney make fun of him.

I guess that answers the age old question of who’s scarier, God or Andy Rooney.  It appears to be Rooney in a romp

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2 Responses to “Is Andy Rooney scarier than God?”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    Pat Robertson is a quack, pure, plain and simple. Unfortunately, he’s the kind of quack people give their life savings to, thinking this will “save” them. It wont save them from poverty at the end of their lives. I have a belief that God speaks to us through our conscience, our personal sense of what is right and wrong. Freud would call it our superego. Since Pat Robertson takes money from the gullible, I would have to question the strength of his conscience. In fact, I would have to say his conscience is deaf. Thus, he cannot be speaking with God, because he cannot hear him. As far as violence and the recession goes: 1) Under Bush, this country has produced unspeakable violence and suffered it in 9/11. We have made just about every country on the planet angry, so I suspect more violence will ensue at some point or another. Of course, our troops in Iraq can tell you that violence is a daily occurrence. 2) As for the recession, it is here. Ask all the folks looking for a job and cannot get one. Ask all the companies laying off workers. Ask the millions who are trying to make ends meet. But, DO NOT ask the fat-cats. They continue to feed at the trough. Mr. Robertson lives well, so he is not feeling the effects of recession; and thinks it looms in the future. We can all thank him for keeping his mouth shut about who will be the next President. He has generously wanted to allow us to enjoy the suprise :)

  2. alwayshope Says:

    This gave me a really good laugh!
    Does ANYONE really believe that God talks to this nut and makes predictions that don’t come true? It just amazes me that people actually send him money but then I seem to be constantly amazed these days.
    I wonder. Will we see reason return any time soon? This Orwellian life of the last few years can take a toll. The propaganda and constant stream of useless information and disinformation is numbing. I can understand why people turn to God and it’s a damn crime that someone like Robertson is there to intercept and twist those longings for belonging into profit and political power.
    But back to laughing because this really is funny. I hope Andy Rooney responds.

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