Question of the day: If Obama wins, who should be his VP?

Obama is obviously still well shy of wrapping up the Democratic nomination, even if right now the force seems to be with him.  But it isn’t too early to start tossing around names of possible veep candidates in the event he does claim the nomination.

For my money, the obvious candidate is Joe Biden.  True, he doesn’t balance the ticket in traditional ideological and geographical ways, but more importantly his 30 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee do balance well Obama’s relative foreign policy inexperience.  He’s also proven an able debater during the campaign.

Anyway, that’s my current thinking.

So, who do you think should be Obama’s VP if he wins?      

17 Responses to “Question of the day: If Obama wins, who should be his VP?”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    I like Joe Biden. I like his outspoken, “tell-it-like-it-is” attitude. He has great experience in foreign affairs. His comment that Giuliani had a noun, a verb, and 9/11 was priceless. I would vote for him just for that. The Dems arent going to carry the South anyway, no matter who the candidate may be. The place is loaded to the teeth with Evangelicals, and they dont like Democrats. They see them as Godless, liberal, sinful, Commie, pinko snotnoses. They will think this even if the economy crashes and they dont have enough money to tithe their 10% or a pot to p–s in. I would let them go their own divinely predestined way. Obama is a foreign policy greenhorn. He hasnt governed a state, either. He needs someone with a lot of experience. If he chooses the best and most experienced person, instead of the most expedient person, that will show that he has wisdom beyond his years.

  2. chad Says:

    I still like the idea of John Edwards. Yes, it would be his 2nd straight ticket as the VP candidate. I think the energy he would bring, and the fact that Obama will use him better than John Kerry will. An Obama/Edwards ticket would remind people of Clinton/Gore in 1992.

    Otherwise, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden have strong cases to make. Yet, both have significant flaws.

    Evan Bayh is a dark-horse candidate even though he is much more conservative than Obama. And even though they are from neighboring states, so were Clinton and Gore.

  3. smartelf Says:

    Dennis Kucinich!

  4. slogger Says:

    Obama Edwards ticket? Not good, it should be an Edwards Obama ticket! Edwards is the fighter that we need to stay home and battle the Neocons. Losing our democracy to corporatism is no longer just a threat, it is already a fact! This enemy within is exponentially more dangerous to Americans than the ‘threat’ of terrorism from abroad. Question, if ‘suicide bombers’ are such an immediate threat ‘over here’ where were they on New Years Eve in Times Square where a million people gathered? We will need a superhero with the talent, knowledge and guts just to compete with the corporate mafia, discounting the need to reverse the damage. Don’t forget a small thing like Global Warming, enter that into the equation and it changes the way we must find solutions to our listed issues. What would we have Obama do? Why not make him Educator Supreme here at home and abroad? That’s what he is best at, calming fears and giving hope. Americans must be reeducated as to exactly how the dominance of corporatism destroys democracy, a perfect job for Obama. We must believe as did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Tom Paine, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John Edwards that corporatism will destroy democracy and must be continually fought against. Democracy must enlist all of its talented players into a harmonious team, as did our enemy, or we shall not survive.

  5. azblue Says:

    I’m with Smartelf! Kucinich is great!

  6. kouka96792 Says:

    If I had my druthers I would say Kucinich. However, in the real world you probably won’t git your druthers and, in that case, I would have to go with Edwards! Moreover, lets put a dress on da pig. If people are more willing to elect Obama president, than Edwards, we have to acknowledge that. Edwards should at least be able to be heard by Obama and not be put in the closet, so to speak.

  7. Lilymarie Says:

    Obama, Richardson would be a good ticket, but the best ticket would be Edwards and Richardson. That way we have a chance in the south, and we might pick up the Hispanic vote. I think John Edwards is our very best chance to win in November. That’s what really counts.

  8. ishiptoday Says:

    Colin Powell. You may have noted two days ago that Gen. Powell expressed “joy” that Obama was doing well.

  9. Kirk Says:

    How about Chuck Hagel? Any candidate needs a running mate who compensates for their perceived shortcomings. Hagel’s experience and his military background would supplement Barack’s lack of both. Further, Barack is selling a new kind of politics, and reaching out to an anti-war Republican as VP would be earth shattering. Hagel already said he would be interested in VP if Bloomberg runs. Hagel has the respect of Dems for standing up to Bush and Cheney.

  10. davemarshall Says:

    My candidate for Obama is Jim Webb, US Senator from Virginia. His populist position and vast military experience would round out Obama’s ticket. Web served as a Marine Corps infantry officer until 1972, a highly decorated Vietnam War combat veteran. During his four years with the Reagan administration, he served as the first Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, then as Secretary of the Navy. He would provide strength in the South. Finally, he is not a fixture in Washington and will not be a puppet to the DNC (note he re-wrote the Democratic response to the 2007 President’s State of the Union Address).

  11. alwayshope Says:

    I agree with davemarshall.
    Jim Webb would be an excellent choice.
    I think Chris Dodd has earned consideration too for his stance against spying and for the Constitution.

  12. commonsense Says:

    Richardson would be a decent choice, but if you want a VP who would blow all opposition out of the water and be a perfect counterpoint to Barack Obama I would suggest Jim Webb of Virginia. He would balance the ticket in a traditional sense but with his military credentials and gravitas it would deflate the experience issue, which may be bogus but which the Republicans are going to exploit anyway. Obama-Webb in 08!

  13. suzanne Says:

    Edwards/Obama or Obama/Edwards
    Jim Webb takeover Harry Reid’s job
    Wes Clark/Chuck Hagel for heads of CIA/FBI. Or Wes Clark as Jt Chief of Staff.
    Hillary for Sec of State.
    Eliott Spitzer for AG
    Richardson for Energy Sec.
    Chris Dodd head of NSA or Homeland Security
    Kunich for “HHS” or whatever they’re calling it today….

  14. Mollie Says:

    Edwards is the best, he doesn’t except bribe money. He could straighten this country out.

  15. Larkrise Says:

    Wow! There are some really great suggestions. Jim Webb IS a great suggestion. So is Richardson. He has the experience, AND, he is for getting the troops out of Iraq NOW! Hopefully, he would be able to influence whoever is the President. I think Obama would listen to him. Hillary would not. Webb or Richardson. Both good choices.

  16. seagull1220 Says:

    We don’t want to pull from our majorities in the House or the Senate, because no one knows how long the Dems will hold those majorities. And the Majority Democratic Senate can’t seem to muster up the necessary 60-61 votes on many good bills.

    Richardson would be the best choice because he is: a governor — served in the Clinton admn., — can pull the Hispanic vote — has excellent intelligence/experience in foreign relations.

  17. szymonski77 Says:

    Any thoughts by anybody of Tom Daschle being Obama’s running mate?

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