Question of the day: Can we beat McCain?

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11 Responses to “Question of the day: Can we beat McCain?”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    You were right, Steve, but I’m not happy.
    McCain scares me so I was hoping he would screw it up.
    I really don’t think he has the independents this time around though.
    He is a myth driven by the media that so loves him but when it comes down to it, his nasty attitude and love of war won’t serve him well.
    Did you see him on Meet The Press doing his Rumsfeld impression?
    And the way he makes predictions, claiming that if all of HIS ideas had been followed, the economy would be great, the war would be won and everything would be just rosy! The psychic maverick.
    Steve was right about his comeback, watch out Iceland!

  2. mcartri Says:

    THE DEM TICKET that will beat grandpa John is Barack Obama/Jim Webb. Going-up against a tortured Republican candidate will require a heavy weight military man with Obama. That man is Senator Webb of Virginia, who, unlike Edwards in 2004, would put his home state in the Dem column. Though Webb is much more conservative than Obama, it’s a perfect match to woo independents away from The War Monger, John Forever War McCain.

  3. alwayshope Says:

    Yes, mcartri, Jim Webb is the man for vice.

  4. alwayshope Says:

    Molly Ivins has been gone a year now.
    In her last article she said “make the ridiculous look ridiculous”.
    We need to make McCain look ridiculous. And…we need to
    “raise more hell”.

  5. Chuck Says:

    I may be too cynical, but to speculate on who’s going to be our next least worst dictator is no longer of interest to me. I will vote on who I think will be the least worse, but my heart won’t be in it.

  6. Again Says:


    I really don’t think he has the independents this time around though.

    hope so much you’re right

    had a very sinister feeling imagining that he will become the Mightest Man on Earth…

    something like “Duck and Cover”…

    if this man will be elected by the American People - while Doomsday is waiting - all the power, money, intelligence, influence will be wasted for nonsense - not for the last chance of survival…

    We need to make McCain look ridiculous.

    otherwise the whole humankind will look ridiculous - educated and informed, but understanding nothing, blinded by plastic lifes and plastic dreams

    at least the plastic will “survive” - the legacy of humankind? Just Trash?

    when i look at the “fatherly face” of McCain, promising to be a really dear “Dear Leader for all who are weary and burdened” - i always ask myself: why should a 71-year-old man close to death care for the survival of someone else especially when he is allowed to play god?

  7. alwayshope Says:

    otherwise the whole humankind will look ridiculous

    Yes, Again, that says it. If this dangerous egomaniac gets elected, we are in for even more of the “reality” we have right now.
    The media loves him SO MUCH it worries me. How are we going to make him look ridiculous when he will be coddled and worshiped by pundits and fools?

  8. marmstrong57 Says:

    Barack Obama/Jim Webb - now there’s a ticket I an get excited about! Change We Can Belive In coupled with Semper Fi!!

  9. Again Says:


    How are we going to make him look ridiculous when he will be coddled and worshiped by pundits and fools?

    yes, fools…

    hesitate to say that…

    but IF he gets elected - there are enough people living in America eager to follow him - even without Diebold

    face the fact, that alpha dogs depend on the betas and gammas and “lower classes” (Konrad Lorenz) - or IOW - Bering, Henrik, Brothers under the skin: “…wondering how such freaks and lowlifes could ever have obtained power in the first place. The point is that these were not just two-bit gangsters, but men of vast ambition, messiahs with a program….
    The most troubling question remains why so few resisted. Of course, there was the fear factor. … But fear alone does not suffice as a reason. The unpleasant truth is that both systems enjoyed wide support.”

    …enjoyed wide support…

    the question will be how to remain tolerant and democratic (aka how to respect every person) when so many people - openly and obviously - just want to follow and obey, just want to be “children of a dear daddy”, promising them everything they want to hear?

    America is now at the turning point - the big decision, where every (!!) other nation before had failed: Democracy always means to be able/forced to include/integrate the “willing slaves” without falling into the trap of allowing elites, inevitably leading to aristocracies - where everyone is an “underling” except for the isolated ruling classes. No matter if they depend on birth or religion or theory or money, elites tend to partition a society into complementary subsets

    and yes, it is ridiculous - Mother Nature gave each and every of us a brain to control ourselves - and what do we do? We prefer to be the little child with the strong, big daddy to watch over us, to think for us and to decide for us. Simply ridiculous

  10. Chuck Says:

    Just finished reading your link on “Brothers Under The Skin”. Scary as hell to realize we are still like that, but in my cynical mind I guess I always knew that’s the way we are. I was, and I guess I still am, an Anthropology & Sociology student after all. I don’t have to like what I find, I just have to admit that’s what I found.

  11. Again Says:


    that’s the way we are

    yes, that’s the way we are - we all, no matter where and when we live and who our mothers were

    (btw: apropos mothers - i like Obamas grandma! Great woman!)

    I don’t have to like what I find, I just have to admit that’s what I found.


    but if you don’t like it, it is so hard to admit - many people prefer to live in a dream of certainty and happiness and sorrowless immortality despite the everyday reality

    so to admit is the first step of a long journey towards the better future - without that, the journey will never be done. Dreams don’t help, emotions can only support - only reason will save us and protect us

    brain is our future - was it since more than 2 million years. It is made especially for our survival. It can find a way, it will find a way - we just have to admit reality, no matter how unpleasant - and to look for new ways off the beaten paths

    simply because “the beaten paths” led us to where we are - led us to slaverly and Iraq and child trafficking and super rich persons while millions die of hunger, controllable diseases and brute force - and while the world itself turns against us all

    not reasonable to be gone once more - but what else to do? Don’t know that but know what Web 2.0 means - brainstorming of the “wise crowd” will help…

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