Ann Coulter: Republican political genius

My first reaction to this story was to say to myself, “It simply can’t be true.” On second thought, however, it occurred to me that this may actually be an act of utter political genius: something to put even the Machiavellian machinations of Karl Rove to shame. Take a look:

(Huffington Post) Ann Coulter: I’ll Campaign For Hillary If McCain Is The Nominee

Last night on “Hannity & Colmes,” Ann Coulter made a striking announcement: she’ll campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain is the Republican nominee. Earlier this week, the New York Observer’s Jennifer Rubin reported that members of the conservative punditry were “beside themselves” over the thought of a McCain nomination, but Coulter’s pronouncement is a new, and surprising, development. Watch her explain her rationale to Sean Hannity, while Alan Colmes can only sit back and laugh:

(There’s a video clip at the site.)

Think of the possibilities: Ann Coulter actively campaigns for Hillary Clinton against John McCain. In response, Democrats and independents abandon Hillary in droves, leading to McCain’s election by near acclamation, at which point Coulter is appointed Ambassador to Luxemburg, or something.

Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

And on third thought, to get Ann Coulter off my television and sent off to Luxemburg, it might almost be worth it — especially given the high likelihood that McCain will decide to bomb Luxemburg at some point, you know, just for the hell of it.

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  1. askolnick Says:

    Inspired by current affairs, I offer the world a new word:

    Republiklingons n. members of the late 20th,/early 21st century U.S. Republican Party, noted for their extreme bellicosity, cruelty, and simple-minded solutions to all problems, usually involving some form of killing.

    I grant the world free license to the coinage.

    :-) Andrew

  2. ignatzh Says:

    If Coulter’s transparent little brain fart is what passes for political genius these days, then the American body politic is in even worse shape than I previously thought.

  3. Chuck Says:

    I don’t even know who she is. Must be some talking head on television, which I don’t watch. Haven’t for years.

    Curmudgeonly yours,

  4. kidtomas Says:

    Hey Chuck! Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only guy in the world with no TV! (Who would care in the least what Anne Coulter says about anything, anyway?)

  5. Van Says:

    I think you’re giving Coulter too much credit and progressives too little.

    Frankly, I think she’s 100% sincere. She wants Clinton to win for two reasons:

    1. The Clintons are great for the right-wing media business. Conservatives on AM radio, FOX news and other right-wing book and magazine outlets thrive because it keeps the Republican “base” in a constant state of apoplexy. Regnery press would go bankrupt without the Clintons.

    2. If McCain loses against Hillary, the Republican base can claim–with some truth–that McCain lost because he wasn’t a true believer. That way, the stage can be set for 2012 and the nomination of a hard-core conservative.

  6. johncp Says:

    If there ever was a better reason to vote for Hillary, you’ll never see it. If Coulter is pretending to support Hillary, it’s got to be because she smells blood in the water, with Obama’s support growiing, Coulter hopes this will drive a few dumbocrats to abandon Hillary, and give Obama the nomination. Once Obama’s in, McCain or Romney have cut the problem they had with Hillary, in half.

  7. RJHall Says:

    Hey, I LIVE in Luxembourg (not to be confused with Rosa Luxemburg, the hottest babe in the history of socialism. [Why is it that I fall for women who died decades before I was born….? :) ] Of course, my admiration of her has nothing to do with whether she was hot but with her writings and achievements and admirable willingness to give her life in a struggle against insuperable odds. Of course. ;) )! I don’t want Ann Coulter sent here! Neither McCain nor bin Laden nor anybody else will ever bomb Luxembourg, a major financial center with too much money flowing through it, so we’re not worried about that, but Ann Coulter here as ambassador… THAT I’m now worried about!

  8. 1-20-09! Says:

    Why is Ann Coulter Voting for Hillary? Go to under FEATURED VIDEO click on “why Coulter is voting for Hillary” the Bizarre-Creepy 2008 presidential election video”!

    It explains a lot

  9. sween5 Says:

    Why should Ann be held responsible for what she says when she is drinking?

  10. Chuck Says:


    We do have a a TV. My wife likes to watch some programs, and we have a 19 year old young man living with we are trying to steer through Community college who watches those crummy Mexican soaps and just as crummy dance contests, also in Spanish.

    A couple of years ago, when my wife was on vacation, she bought a (I don’t know what they’re called but some movie things,) of the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy and showed me how to put it on that other thing. I love Lord Of The Rings books and have read the whole Hobbit bunch more than once. Well to make a long story just a bit longer, I did watch them and thought they were good. There is always a problem, (or there was before I quit watching movies based on books I’ve already read,) that there are images in my mind that don’t match the images on screen. This one came close.

    So, having a TV in the house is not always a bad thing. I just spend most of my time down stairs in the library with the fire going and the music on.

    Still a curmudgeon,

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