If women had never gotten the vote Obama would be winning in a landslide

There you have it: an absolutely true and absolutely stupid observation.

In fact, it’s every bit as true — and every bit as stupid — as the following observation made by Bill Clinton:

(ABC) Bill Clinton: Under GOP Primary System, Hillary Would Be Winning

ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Former President Bill Clinton, speaking to reporters after his wife’s event in Pittsburgh, PA Monday, said that under the republican primary system –- his wife would be ahead by hundreds of delegates.

“I did not actually get the delegates necessary to have a first power of the nomination  under the crazy system the democrats have,” Clinton said. “If we were under the republican system which is more like the electoral college, she would have a 300 delegate lead …It’s an eternity ’til the general election, an eternity.”

ABC News’ Political Unit did some quick math and added up all the pledged delegate counts for the winner-take-all Democratic contest. As of the most recent count on the eve of the Pennsylvania state primary, Senator Hillary Clinton has won 15 state contests and was awarded 1430 delegates, not including unpledged (a.k.a. “superdelegates”). Barack Obama has won 29, and has 1257 delegates.

According to ABC’s math –  Clinton would hold more like a 173 delegate-lead if her and Obama were competing in the Republican primary system given the GOP system doesn’t have superdelegates. President Clinton was correct, but overestimated what his wife’s lead would be by about half.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    The Clintons have mastered the art of exaggeration, mudlslinging, character assassination, fearmongering, and being just plain hateful and mean-spirited. If Hillary had equated strength with taking the high road, she might have won. Instead, the woman has come off as the Howling Harpie from Hell. It is a shame. She has good qualities, but she allowed “any means to an end” to take over and run her campaign. We have had enough of that depraved philosophy. “Any means to an end” will inevitably lead to a bad ending.

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