Paul Krugman being weaselly: not pretty

Alas, Andrew Leonard is right: Paul Krugman comes across as more than a little disingenuous — I’d go so far as to say weaselly — in his efforts to minimize the significance of Hillary Clinton’s pandering through her (actually McCain’s) proposed gas tax holiday (which Krugman opposes). 

I guess it happens to the best of us. Krugman is clearly a big time Hillary backer, and like any good partisan he has trouble being too forceful in his criticisms of her (criticizing Obama causes him no similar discomfort).

I’m finishing up The Conscience of a Liberal as we speak, and it may just be Krugman’s best political book to date. He remains an indispensable voice – perhaps the most indispensable voice – for progressive economic reform in this nation. 

I’ll be glad when the primary process is over and he can go back to slamming the GOP.

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  1. juliinjax Says:

    I ahd the same response, Steve. I’ve been a fan of Krugman’s for a few years now, bought Conscience of a Liberal from Buzzflash as soon as it was available and read through it in about ten days. I was saddened by his favoritism in discussing the two Democratic Candidates, but I figured it had to do with his firm stance on UNIVERSAL healthcare, and Obama’s reluctance to use the word MANDATE. But Krugman gas cut Sen. Clinton too much slack on the gas tax holiday pander. I hope he wept a BITTER tear when she implied that He, too, is just another ELITIST, against the working class Americans Hillary claims to fight for over this joke of an issue.

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