Clinton Losing Anger Syndrome

Clinton Losing Anger Syndrome (CLAS) is a terribly sad affliction: it grows out of the tendency of perfectly honorable supporters of Hillary Clinton to allow their fury over Obama’s likely nomination to cause them to blather silly things.

Case in point: I noticed that this pro-Clinton site linked to my recent post objecting to Hillary’s stated intention to obliterate Iran if it used a nuclear weapon against Israel (a stupid scenario, in any case, given that it’s unlikely that Iran’s leaders are suicidal and Israel has its own nukes). I noted in the post that the word obliterate, by its definition, would seem to imply wiping out Iran’s entire civilian population, which one might regard as being a bit over the top in a crimes against humanity sort of way.

To the blogger in question this apparently proves that I am a “pacificist dhimmis.”

So let’s add this up: one expresses concern over the irresponsible use of language that might suggest an intention to potentially eradicate millions of innocent people, and ipso facto you become a pacifist living under Islamic law (see definition of dhimmis).

The scourge of Clinton Losing Anger Syndrome. It’s tragic, really.

Update: The blogger in question has now posted an update in which he denies being pro-Clinton. If I understand his point correctly, he considers himself to fall more into the curmudgeon camp, unhappy with all the options. I am happy to take him (or her) at his (or her) word.

2 Responses to “Clinton Losing Anger Syndrome”

  1. DRDarkeNY Says:

    Uh, they’re also infecting BuzzFlash, Steve - do you see the crap PM Carpenter has to put up w/from the Clinton Apologists every DAY?

    I don’t think these people ARE “honorable”, myself - I think they’re a bunch of DLC-sucking, Lieberman-luvvin’ closet bigoted Rethug Lite “centrists” who want Four More Years of the Same, which is EXACTLY what Hillary promises them!

  2. blackjack Says:

    The CORPORATE CONTROLED MEDIA is in the bag for H.Clinton or John McCAIN to win for the CORPORATIONS are making very big money out of this war and they cannot see any one shutting of that flow of BIG bucks. Look who is the puppet master to both McCAIN and CLINTON none oyher than LIE-berman. That explanes alot right there

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