Hey, I was right for once — actually twice!

Hi, it’s Steve here. I won’t be back at the café to stay for at least another week, but I couldn’t resist dropping by long enough to remind you that when it comes to the Biden selection, “you heard it here first.”

January 6, 2008:

Question of the day: If Obama wins, who should be his VP?

For my money, the obvious candidate is Joe Biden.  True, he doesn’t balance the ticket in traditional ideological and geographical ways, but more importantly his 30 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee do balance well Obama’s relative foreign policy inexperience.  He’s also proven an able debater during the campaign.

And I was right about McCain too.

Having now patted myself on the back for being right twice, the sporting thing, I suppose, would be to do another post recounting the times I’ve been wrong: but I think I’ll pass on that one since it wouldn’t be nearly as succinct as this one.

Okay, back to my undisclosed location for another week. See you soon.

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  1. alwayshope Says:

    hey Steve
    good to hear from you! I’m looking forward to your return and a pat on the back is earned. I do wonder once in a while, what double top secret project you’re working on from your undisclosed location.

    I’m home for a day. My Dad is getting better, little by little, but he’s not ready to be on his own yet. It’s beautiful there with the ponds and ducks, squirrels, herons, deer and so many birds. I’m getting some good pictures and catching some big fish but I miss home. I also miss the computer and the cafe. Thanks for your kind words, Larkrise.
    Just wanted to say hello everyone.

    Convention was great. The speeches; Hillary and Bill, Biden and Kerry and Kennedy and Obama did a good job.
    ” America is most successful when leading by the power of our example rather than the example of our power”. Great line.

    ” McCain says he’ll chase BinLaden to the gates of hell, but he won’t even chase him to the cave he lives in.” yes!

    I loved kerry’s “candidate mcCain and senator mccain” comparisons.

    Now the mean old man and his nasty followers will have their fun.
    Let the pandering begin!

  2. Larkrise Says:

    Steve, I was begining to wonder if you had given up on this website. I have missed your commentary. There certainly is a great deal worthy of comment. I am glad Biden was selected, too. But, this gal Palin! Oh my gosh! She has more skeletons than a graveyard. But, the media is slobbering all over her. What is the extent of her education? What is the extent of her connection to Ted Stevens? And on and on…….Rachel Maddow was saying the Repugs wont let her give interviews! Now why is that…….And she is to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!

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