When did democratic debate become a bad thing?

John McCain is calling for a postponement of Friday’s scheduled first presidential debate. The proffered excuse: both he and Obama need to return to Washington to work for a bipartisan solution to the financial crisis.

And, yes, of course, this is nothing more than the latest stunt in McCain’s already stunt filled campaign: can anyone say Sarah Palin? In fact, it appears to be at least in part an effort to claim credit for an Obama initiative to try to get the two campaigns to issue a joint proclamation of some sort on the crisis.

But let’s forget all that for a moment and, instead, pose a fairly basic question.

Just when did democratic debate become a bad thing?

I mean, what exactly is wrong with having McCain and Obama publicly debate how best to respond to the current crisis?

Isn’t that sort of how a democracy is supposed to work?

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    McCain was right, the economy is not his strong point. That dates back to the Savings and Loan Scandal. Then, there is his very consistent and insistent support for deregulation; his longtime, close relationship with Phil Gramm; his continued realtionship with Gramm undercover; his plan to continue to give big tax breaks to the wealthy; his insistence that Trickle Down Economics works, when it obviously doesnt; and his gaffe that the “fundamentals of the economy are essentially sound.” He knows all of this will come up in the debate. Even if the topic stays on foreign policy, our economic failings will affect that. How, for example, can we continue to spend 12 billion dollars a month on a war in Iraq, while bailing out financial institutions to the tune of 700 billion? China is showing signs of growing weary of buying our debt bonds. Their head honcho has told Bush he needs to end his war. The only reason China will loan us the money, is that they are owed one trillion dollars, and if we crash, they wont get payments on the interest. Our debt load is sooooooooo top heavy, the whole mess is bound to crash at some point, anyway. If McSame thinks this is an “essentially sound” situation, he needs a brain transplant pronto. Idiot Palin has no intelligent comprehension of any of it. Thus, McSame wants to avoid being humiliated by his own past; and thinks he should piously profess to save the world by working in Congress, something he has not done for quite some time. He tends to skip votes. Meanwhile, McCain’s campaign ads are concentrating on smearing Obama, rather than dealing with the issues. They are as sleazy as ads can get and full of lies and innuendo. The ones running in Michigan, for example, are absurd. The Republicans are absolutely pathetic. They have no concept of what democracy really means. No wonder they fear genuine debates. They have all become little, tawdry Rush Limbaughs, running around telling lies and hatemongering for all they’re worth.

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