Is the Palin “heels” thing starting to get a little weird?

Is it just me, or is there something a little weird, creepy even, about the McCain campaign’s obsession with Sarah Palin’s high heels?

This is how Palin herself describes her marching orders to get tough with Obama.

”The heels are on, the gloves are off.”

Think about this for a moment: here we have a female candidate for vice president referring to wearing her heels — her high heels — as a way of expressing her intention, as a woman, of getting tough with a man. Does that strike anyone else as just a wee bit familiar? Putting you in mind, perhaps, of a certain outside the mainstream form of sexuality involving the use of whips, ropes and, yes, heels in the infliction of pain?

Is it possible that in this historic year of political firsts, we are now seeing yet another one — the first explicit use of S&M imagery by a major party candidate for national office?

Certainly, at a minimum, the reaction of many of Palin’s male right wing fans — hooting and hollering in ecstasy over the viciousness of her attacks — makes one wonder, whatever Palin’s intent, whether this isn’t how a good many of these dudes see her. I mean, let’s face it: there’s always been something more than a little odd about the extreme passion these same bozos feel towards vicious female “pundits” like Ann Coulter. (You can almost hear them panting: “She may not be that pretty, but, man, she makes it hurt so good!”)

I don’t know, but the whole thing is starting to feel more than a little creepy to me.   

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  1. navy cdr Says:

    Couldn’t help but notice Sarah’s high-heeled knee-length boots in Pensacola Florida 10/7/2008 suitable for a power-drive-female at a job interview. Personally I feel JM selected her so he could have a “boney” fide sexual liaison in the Vagina ( OVAL ) Orifice ( OFFICE ) ASAP, like Harding didn’t beat him to the punch on that escapade. Note she debarked the aircraft from Jacksonville “dishevelled”, etc., with a “smirking” politico … Rough ride, …. Right !!!

  2. Nicky Says:

    As a female who has been in a number of altercations, Palin’s statement strikes me as backwards. Women who are about to duke it out would take their heels OFF, not put them on, so they may avoid spraining an ankle or tripping. Not to mention she would probably grab the shoe to use as a weapon. I’m just saying.

  3. VettaKing Says:

    You know the “gimp” in the locked in the trunk in “Pulp Fiction”? He was definitely a republican.

  4. Larkrise Says:

    Yes, Steve, Palin is using her sexuality for all it is worth. Look at the pictures of her with lethal weaponry. Not very subtle. Neither is the” high heels ” business. I have said she has a mean streak, an underlying viciousness that she coats with her smirks, and her phony little downhome dialect. She LIKES to play down low and dirty. She is not a classy lady. She prefers to be called a “bulldog with lipstick”. She prefers her suits to be shiny and tightly fitted. And look how this creature uses her children as props. She practically shoved her baby, who is plump, into the arms of her youngest daughter. I was afraid the child might drop the baby. Nothing about Sarah Palin speaks of good judgement. She is all raw ambition; and will do anything to propel herself to victory. As for McCain, I think one of the reasons he chose her is because he saw her as sexy. He managed to squelch the rumors about his liason with a D.C. lobbyist. He dumped his disabled wife for hot and blond Cindy Lou. I suspect there would be even more gossip about him, if he didnt have so much power and money. Palin and McCain deserve each other. I certainly have no respect nor admiration for either one at this point. John McCain has sold out. Sarah Palin would sell her soul to the Devil. She has already brought the cruel light of publicity upon her own teenaged daughter.

  5. Simon Jester Says:

    Considering the fascist streak running through the Republican worldview, I have to wonder whether she’s making reference to the Group of Pirates’ playbook, George Orwell’s 1984:

    “The future, Winston, is a boot stomping on a human face, forever.”

  6. bmobley Says:

    I also have noticed the change in attire. She started out in slightly dowdy clothes with the hem line below the kness and very practicle pumps with what we used to call a cuban heel (a short, sturdy, almost block like heel). But, hey, she’s got the “first dude” to rub her aching feet at night.

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