Krugman is scaring the crap out of me

Why should I be the only one?

Dow 9000!

Stock prices are, however, the least of our worries. The money markets are frozen; the TED spread is 4.14%.

G7 meeting tomorrow, IMF-World Bank over the weekend. Now is the time for major action — an announcement of coordinated capital injections, liquidity measures, and more. If we’ve had nothing except vague assurances by Monday ….

Just think! We may get to be our own Greatest Generation! First comes the depression: then, if McCain’s elected, comes the world war.

I need a drink. I just wish I could still afford to buy one.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    Hey, Steve, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Oh, I forgot. McCain says he was speaking of the American worker. The same worker who has been dowsized, laid off, ripped off of his pension funds, cut off from healthcare insurance, and is losing his home.

  2. Again Says:

    Just think! We may get to be our own Greatest Generation! First comes the depression: then, if McCain’s elected, comes the world war.

    America against the rest of the world? The Coalition of the Billing knows, that the national debt clock has to be “reconfigured” to be able to show the full disaster - i guess, even Uzbekistan will understand, that there is no chance left to be bribed…

    so do you really think, that no sanity is left in that country? Ok, America has the power to destroy the world x times (but not the power to save the world just one time - what losers warriors are…)

    can’t believe that…

    apropos “depression” - i guess, the New Deal would not have been possible without 1929 - and without the New Deal America would not have become wealthy and strong

    see it that way - without the current crisis, the Religion of Privatization and other myths of the Neocons could never be revealed as pure nonsense, as brainwashing to steal wealth from the “undeserving” - to create just another brahman/pariah society…

    now everyone can see, how great “Social Darwinism” really works - now it isn’t enough to be rich or super rich to escape the disaster, you have to be one of maybe 100 persons on Earth, so obscene rich, that you can buy whole nations…

    it is time for the people to get back their country - of the money, for the money, by the money is failing, even the most stupid person will understand that (at least in some weeks)

    “The distribution of income in the United States is as unequal as it was in the Roaring Twenties.” Time for a New Deal

    and what followed such an inequality? 1929 - same mistakes, same results…

    time for new chances for the “pariah”….

  3. marmstrong57 Says:

    The really sad part is that WE won’t get to be the next Greatest Generation, our children will. It breaks my heart to see what a mess we are leaving our children.

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