I dare them to filibuster

So sleazeball Saxby Chambliss gets another six years in the Senate. Oh, well, I guess it really wouldn’t be the Senate without a few sleazeballs. And what with losing Larry Craig and all, maybe jettisoning Chambliss at the same time would have been too big a breath of fresh air for the lofty inhabitants of the chamber. It might have sent the whole Senate into a fit of hyperventilation or something.

Yeah, it still sucks. I guess we’ll have to leave it to St. Peter to one day deal with Chambliss’s unconscionable attacks, six years ago, on triple amputee war hero Max Cleland’s patriotism.

Anyway, on to the broader story: with this result, we now know, as the media has been squawking incessantly, that there will be no 60-vote supposedly filibuster-proof Senate for the Democrats this year. Regardless of what happens in the increasingly weird recount in Minnesota, the GOP has at least 41 votes, all they need under the Senate’s ridiculous rules to tie Barack Obama’s agenda up into a ball. And as fate would have it, this is precisely what GOP senators have already threatened to do in a letter to Harry Reid, signed by every one of them.

Well, here’s my suggestion to the GOP caucus in the Senate: go for it big guys. Seriously, show America what a truly tone-deaf collection of has-beens you really are. In the mists of the greatest economic crisis this nation has seen since the Great Depression, get all huffy on us. At a time when Americans are screaming out for change, use the antiquated rules of the Senate to deny it to them.

Prove that you learned all the “right” lessons from the rise and fall of Newt Gingrich.

That’s right GOPers: show us what you’re made of.

There’s been some debate since the election over whether the outcome represents a profound reorientation of the electorate — whether this is the beginning of a new era of Democratic dominance in American politics. Personally, I’ve been skeptical. Clearly the demographics and the political preferences of the young favor that trend. But as someone who’s been following politics closely for a long time, I never underestimate the ability of the Democratic Party to screw things up politically.

Still, the Republican minority in the Senate may just have what it takes to make this dream of a new Democratic America a reality.

So go ahead, punks, make my day.

2 Responses to “I dare them to filibuster”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    Republicans fall in line.
    Democrats fall in love.

    Do whatcha do GOP and we, the grown ups, will still clean up your mess even while you are stomping your feet and holding your breath (til, hopefully, you turn blue.

    Speaking of blue. I brought a bunch of blue Christmas lights today in honor of Indiana becoming a blue state. (I still get a big goofy smile on my face when I think of it).

  2. Larkrise Says:

    I was once driving through Georgia, when a safari hat I had purchased at Disney World flew out the back window. I stopped to walk back to retrieve it, when a bunch of rednecks in a rusted-out chevy stopped, jumped out and grabbed it. They gave me the finger as they stole my hat. They had Georgia license plates. That has soured me on Georgia to this day. Now, I am sure not all the residents of Georgia are pusillanimous polecats, but it would seem that the majority of voters surely are. Why anyone with half a functioning neuron would vote for an ass like Saxby Chambliss is beyond me. Stupidity? Ignorance? The hots for Sarah Palin? Georgia has become the land of the sheeple. It is as ridiculous as Connecticut. If you can’t vote for anyone with decency, and a good character, why vote at all. I am sure the fools in the Senate, who agree with the likes of Saxby Chambliss, will continue their acts of partisan poopery. I also hope that the states that vote for these pieces of work suffer the most from the recession. What goes around, comes around.
    Shame on ‘em.

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