Tell the Vatican to take a flying leap

Apparently, the Vatican objects to Caroline Kennedy being appointed ambassador to the Holy See. The deal killer, we’re told, is that she supports abortion rights, the one unpardonable sin in the Vatican’s eyes — as opposed, say, to the comparatively trivial misdemeanor of openly embracing torture. And it isn’t just Kennedy: the Vatican is reportedly “vetoing” other pro-choice Catholics for the job (a Vatican spokesman has denied the reports).

So, if the Vatican can veto an ambassadorial candidate because it disagrees with her views on abortion, does that also mean that China can insist that only someone sympathetic to dictatorships be named as the US ambassador there? Or that anyone who doesn’t believe that women should be forced to wear veils is out as a potential ambassador to Saudi Arabia?

Assuming the story’s true, Barack Obama should tell the Vatican to take a flying leap — appoint Kennedy anyway. It isn’t like the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has done him (or Democrats in general) any favors. Then let the Vatican go public if it wants to with its objections to the heir to Camelot. Then we’ll see how most Americans, including most American Catholics, respond.

It might just prove to be a learning experience all around.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    I was never a big fan of the last Pope, and I certainly am not a fan of this one. I am an American Catholic. After the Vatican went easy on Bush over Iraq, where thousands have died and suffered; and the American College of Bishops supported Bush, I threw in the towel and stopped going to Mass. I dont believe in papal infallibility, no birth control, bigotry against Gays, and do believe the Church is firmly stuck in the Middle Ages. What comfort I received from the liturgy has been lost. I support the many good organizations that help others: Catholic Social Services, Catholic Relief Services, and the many Orders that care for those who need assistance. But, the Vatican is out of touch with the people and the real world. They live comfortable, protected lives, surrounded by wealth. Even if , as individuals, they live simply, they still live privileged lives. I am sure the Vatican has never rejected any donations the Kennedy Family has given them.

  2. richl Says:

    Ever wonder what the world would be like if Daniel Berrigan were pope?

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