Bush and Ahmadinejad: A match made in heaven

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2 Responses to “Bush and Ahmadinejad: A match made in heaven”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    Seems like Bush also has a friend in osama bin laden for similar reasons.
    These guys play the role of the mortal enemy, the nemesis the hero needs to be a hero (except I prefer Moriarty and Holmes to dumb and dumber). bin laden helps drive that 9/11 nail deeper into our brains and the madIranian keeps the mushroom cloud over our heads.
    They are all crazy and they want to rule the world. Sometimes I feel like I must be dreaming or over-reacting or maybe I fail to see the real picture.
    But then I hear bush say nukular and I shudder because it is all too real.

  2. MikeH Says:

    Speaking of shrub and Osama bin Laden, here is a link as to how the Iraq War might have REALLY gotten started.


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