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20 Responses to “Buy Cheap Amoxicillin Online”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    Environmentalists have been demonized for some time now. I don’t understand how the rethugs are so good at the demonization business, it may be their repeat the lie ad nauseum theory. They love to take words like liberal and by trashing the word itself, they make the person and the idea a thing to hate and they so love to hate. Bush trashed a lot of words and I don’t mean just by mispronouncing them, but also by redefining them out of existence. Torture used to be a word we all understood, now……it seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Patriotism was love of country, now it’s love of party and war, eliminating the difference between patriotism and jingoism.
    We knew what a POW was, now we have enemy combatants. How do we make rules or change policy when we no longer can even define our own actions? Responsibility used to mean, the ability to respond but now when you hear it used, it’s in the context of “it’s not my fault”. Other words have become unspeakable, just say abortion, gay, taxes, government, immigrant or environmentalist and you will start a hatefest. When they succeeded in making the words themselves the enemy, they killed the ideas contained in those words and killed debate amd civility along with them. Talking points, shouted loudly and with malice have replaced public discourse and critical thought.

  2. Chuck Says:

    Personally, I’m having trouble distiguishing between the Dems & GOP anymore.

  3. Larkrise Says:

    Great points, alwayshope. The Rethuglicans reframe meanings into their negative and destructive world view. The Media sells it. The Sheeple follow it.

  4. alwayshope Says:

    Did anybody notice the rethuglican reaction to “climate change” last night?
    They reminded me of Pavlov’s dogs. They have been conditioned to giggle and snort when they hear the words, climate change.
    Of course, the dems are conditioned to roll over and play dead when they hear the word no. Congress is full of dogs, Pavlov’s, blue, stray, bull, big, pit, hound, and lap varieties abound.
    But that’s not fair to dogs. My dogs are protective, loyal, obedient (well…mostly), playful ,loving, forgiving, honest, selfless, spontaneous, humorous and housebroken.
    I wish my dogs could run for Congress.

    (Don’t tell her…but I’m thinking about getting Larkrise a sheepdog.)

  5. alwayshope Says:

    I was greatly heartened when President Obama took on the Supremes and Alito resisted shouting out loud, You Lie! Yeah, mouthing , Not True was so much more dignified.

  6. Larkrise Says:

    My little Tibetan Spaniel, De De(means Little Brother in Mandarin) would be jealous of a sheepdog. De De is very feisty, though he weighs only 14 lb.
    I think it was someone on Countdown that said the Supreme 5 looked like they were sucking on pickles :) I hope they are supremely insulted by the disgust every decent human being is showing toward them. They think they are sooooo above the rest of us. Phooey! Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas are a bunch of baloney in black robes. Kennedy has acted the fool. Roberts is dooming his court to very low marks in history, along with Rehnquist, who had the good sense after Bush vs. Gore, to check out of this mortal coil. The Rethuglicans made giant jackasses of themselves throughout the speech. McCain has become a caricature of a man obsessed with sour grapes. If the Sheeple cant see what frauds men such as Bonehead Boehner are, then they deserve any misery coming their way. Boehner must spend all of his spare time in a tanning salon or in front of a mirror. He is a Class A Creep. You can tell by looking at him, that his narcissism is monumental. He always has that smug, self-satisfied, preening look on his face. There is a juicy scandal just waiting to be found out about him, trust me. He thinks he is so slick, he can fool everybody. Eventually, his arrogance will catch up with him.
    If Idiot Alito thinks he hasnt sold our elections to foreign corporations and their governments, he is too damned stupid to be on a tennis court, much less the Supreme Court. Fanatic ideologues can never see the forest for the trees. I am all for impeaching them, if that were even remotely possible.

  7. Chuck Says:

    Yes, I know I’m off subject, but I’m really getting tired of Obama’s, & the U.S.’s, militarism. He talks a good talk about cutting this huge deficit, yet he increases military spending way beyond anything rational. And much-if not most-of it won’t even show up in the budget.

  8. Chuck Says:

    I’ve been doing a bit of looking into “corporate personhood” since Simon Jester mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. I’ll look into it a bit further, but not being anything close to a constitutional lawer, I might not have picked up on some subtlety, but it seems to me that the actual decision by the supreme court of 1886 didn’t really happen.

  9. Chuck Says:

    Damn! Did I go off the subject again?

    From Steve: Hell, Chuck, when I get this far behind in posting new stuff there’s no such thing as off topic.

  10. alwayshope Says:

    I don’t understand corporate personhood period. I haven’t even tried to read about that 1886 decision so if you’ve got a good link, or if anyone can explain the reasoning behind “personhood”, I’d be interested in learning.

  11. Chuck Says:

    Thanks Steve.

    I’ve been looking more into the Sant Clara decision and it seems the court reporter, a former president of a railroad, put words into the mouth of the Chief Justice. He wrote a memo saying “The court does not wish to hear argumentson the question whether the provisions in the forteenth amendment … applies to these corporations. We are of the opinion that it does.”

    However, this issue is absent from the courts opinion itself.

    The Chief Justice Waite wrote back to the court reporter “….We avoided meeting the constitutional question in the decsion.”

    So it seems to me the court did not rule that a corporation was a person.

    Of course I’m now consitutioal lawyer, just a retired old Boing worker. Maybe some of you could enlighten me.

    In a bit of a precursor to this problem, Abe Lincoln wrote this in a latter in 1864; “Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endevor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

  12. concerned Says:

    Interesting discussion folks. I, like Chuck, have been doing a little digging into the Santa Clara decision, and find that Wikipedia has the best overview of how things got this way. We all have to be lawyers now just to try to stay on top of our Congress and our courts — imagine…

    Here you go:

  13. concerned Says:

    Here’s a little something extra for your reading enjoyment – completely off topic, but along the lines of why we all have to be attorneys…

  14. Chuck Says:

    For more on the rogue Supreme Court 5 see if you can pull up “The Pen” of Feb. 5th. I can’t seem to find a link to him but his e-mail adress is: . The one I have is the 3d in a series but I can’t seem to get the 1st 2. He does a wonderful job of showing the falacies of reasoning behind their decision, and especially scewers Kennedy.

  15. Chuck Says:

    O,K. I found the link to the Pen; It’s The 1st of the (so far,) 3 starts on Jan. 23d, the 2d on Jan. 27th. & the 3d on Feb. 05.
    They-or he- went through the entire 183 pages of the juditial papers & has come to the conclusion that the whole thing thing amounts to judicial lies founded on nothing. He calls for both the impeachment of the 5, but also that they should be tried for treason for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    Though Steve is not a constitutioal lawyer, I think he can go through the articles & see if he thinks it has merit.

  16. alwayshope Says:

    Thanks Chuck and concerned for the links.
    It really seems like this whole thing is smoke and mirrors with the corporate giants playing the part of the magician and the Supremes willingly assisting in the grand deception. We, the audience should get up and walk out and demand a refund because this magic show sucks. I don’t understand why we have to complicate the definitions of words until they become obtuse. I’ve been reading and I still don’t know what “personhood” is. Why is it so damn hard to see that that a person is flesh and blood, not special interests and bottom lines? Our rights of free speech and everything else should not be equal to a corporation, they should be paramount.

  17. alwayshope Says:

    Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know, who doesn’t love the Saints.
    Nevertheless, I love our Colts and Peyton Manning.

  18. Larkrise Says:

    There will be tears in Naptown today. But, the Saints played a good game, and New Orleans needed a victory. There is always next year.

    I was just reading Frank Rich’s column about smoking out the bigots over “Dont ask, dont tell” which is one of the most ridiculous laws ever passed. Clinton folded like a lawn chair over that one. McCain has done a flip-flop on it, that shows just how full of sour grapes that bitter, old man is. This is one of many flip flops. He is nursing a grudge bigger than Mt. Everest, and it makes him look ridiculous and petty. It is sad that he cannot see it. Sour grapes never made anyone look distinguished.

  19. alwayshope Says:

    Sad day for me. Sorta happy for New Orleans because I like Drew and they did need a win down there. Still…..a bummer.

    McCain……..(don’t like McCain) I agree with Larkrise, he, like LIEberman, is on a journey of revenge. Those two have no principles to stand on any longer, they are just a couple of bitter old men screaming for everyone to get off their lawn. Screw ‘em.

    As for Obama, I like him. But I wonder how much longer he can reach across the aisle and get slapped upside the head before he finally understands that these people on the right just hate his guts and will do anything to defeat him. They don’t care about American jobs or security or homes or health. They care about getting richer and getting reelected, period. The hateful, ignorant language of Palin is representative of the right and it’s penchant for deceit and incitement. I’m afraid the anger in our country will be harnessed by them and misdirected to regain power. All those idiotic senior citizens out there carrying water for the GOP will be shocked when their S.S. and Medicare is defunded and privatized. When the only thing America exports is war and weapons, when we all work for peanuts and bow down to our corporate masters, they will again look for someone to blame. I’ll just hold up a mirror to those morons and remind them that in their efforts to stop government from working, to prevent fair elections and to save us all from the Socialists, they have handed control to the Fascists. It seems to be so easy to exploit ignorance, anger and fear, why is it so hard to capture and use the power of justice, equality and tolerance?

  20. alwayshope Says:

    wanted: snow shovel

    snow on top of snow on top of snow
    watch it blow,
    drove home in blizzard’s eerie glow
    my day off, nowhere to go
    broke my shovel scooping low
    hibernation urges grow
    blinding white swirling slow
    so white, just white and cold, although
    thoughts of spring begin to grow
    thoughts of seeds I plan to sow
    bring on Spring, make it so.
    but first, the forecast is……more snow.

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