Sorry to be gone so long (open thread)

Just for the record, I didn’t fail to post over the long holiday weekend because I suddenly “got a life.”  I was foiled by computer problems. 

In any case, we’re back in business.

(Feel free to use this post to talk about anything you want: We’ll treat it as an experimental open thread — the first we’ve tried here.)

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5 Responses to “Sorry to be gone so long (open thread)”

  1. Again Says:

    i’ve heard rumors that the “Jessie-MacBeth-Video” should be something of a red herring to distract from Haditha.

    What do you think?

  2. RJHall Says:


    OK, I exaggerate. But still….

    Hidden deep within the provisions of Prexy’s latest tax cuts law, there is an actual tax INCREASE on people like me: American citizens who live abroad.

    Yes, we do pay taxes to the US, at least in theory: the US is one of only like 2 countries in the world that imposes taxes on the income of its citizens living abroad that is earned abroad. In practice, at least for those of us who live in high-tax countries like Luxembourg, we get to subtract out the higher taxes we pay locally from the taxes we “owe” the US, so we end up paying the US nothing. Not that this is simple, of course; it requires navigating the literal fat booklet of forms the IRS kindly mails to us every year.

    Today our concerns that the US would and did change that for the worse made the US press:

    “US Provision Boosts Taxes On Citizens Living Abroad - NYT

    05-30-06 09:37 AM EST
    NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Congress added a last-minute provision that retroactively increased taxes for U.S. citizens living abroad in the $69 billion tax cut legislation that was signed last week, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

    The sudden imposition of new taxes has surprised overseas taxpayers, The Times said, and it has employers concerned about the added cost.

    U.S. citizens living overseas paid almost $3.5 billion in U.S. income taxes in 2001, the latest year for which data is available, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The change, which is retroactive to the beginning of 2006, is expected to raise that by $2.1 billion over the next 10 years, The Times said.”

    Fortunately, the law they passed this year won’t change the fact that I personally have never yet paid one thin Euro to the Iraq war (though it will make that fat booklet even fatter):

    “It said while the move will have limited effect on U.S. citizens living in countries with high tax rates - European countries, for example - those living in low tax jurisdictions with high housing costs - like Bermuda, the Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong - will be hit hardest, partners at two major accounting firms said.”

    The article doesn’t mention this, but 3 years ago they tried an even more drastic change in the tax laws for us living abroad, one that probably WOULD have meant I’d have to start paying for Prexy’s “Noble Cause”. Fortunately, although that draconian provision was indeed passed by the House, it wasn’t in the Senate bill, and it didn’t emerge from the Conference Committee into the final tax cut law that year (2003).

    Now, that was REALLY scary, and this is almost a relief in comparison. Still, I don’t like it, not one little bit.

  3. Again Says:


    Hidden deep within the provisions of Prexy’s latest tax cuts law, there is an actual tax INCREASE on people like me: American citizens who live abroad.

    they just want to kill two birds with one stone - silently getting more money AND preventively punishing the ones outside the propaganda machinery (therefore usually suspicious)

  4. Chuck Says:

    I’m wondering why Marvin Bush is so in the shadows. I think Jeb is damaged goods for a while, Neal is lucky not to be doing Jail time in one country or another, (he should be sued for a few billion for the Savings-And-Loan theft too,) but Marvin always seems to be below the radar. To my mind that makes him far more dangerous than the others, at least as far as future political pollution is concerned.


  5. Again Says:

    Does someone knows something about “The game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, is based on scenes from the first four novels in the series.”?

    cryptogon: “The game was developed by a publicly-traded company called Left Behind Games, according to SEC records. The developers obtained the license from Tyndale House, the Christian publisher of Left Behind…

    But until now, no fan or critic has pointed out the controversial game’s connection to Mr. Warren or his dominionist agenda.”

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