It depends on what you mean by the word reduction

Bush is reducing troop levels in Iraq, really he is.  It’s just that sometimes the best way to reduce something is to increase it.

(AP) U.S. moving 1,500 reserve troops to Iraq

U.S. military commanders are moving about 1,500 troops from a reserve force in Kuwait into the volatile Anbar province in western Iraq to help local authorities establish order there.

The move, announced Tuesday by military commanders, comes as Iraqi officials continue to struggle to set up their government, amid new spikes in violence.

The 1st Armored Division has had a brigade stationed in Kuwait for several months serving as a reserve force that could be called upon to augment the troops in Iraq. One of the brigade’s battalions was sent to the Baghdad area in March to bolster security until a new national government was seated.

The deployment comes at a time when the Bush administration is under heavy election-year pressure to begin drawing down the roughly 130,000 American troops in Iraq.

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  1. iowametal76 Says:

    In other lexical news, the term “borderline retarded” has been changed to mean “extremely intelligent.” To reflect this change, history textbooks are now being printed highlighting George W. Bush as the smartest president ever.

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