Venting on Limbaugh

In response to the story about Limbaugh’s new prescription drug problem, I wrote the following — which I felt the need to share — in an email to a friend:

I patiently wait for the day that Limbaugh’s heart explodes, his mouth and eyes fill with the bile of his putrid, puss-like existence, and — if one were to believe in these kinds of things — what’s left of his burnt and spoiled soul painfully drags itself into a dark corner of the netherworld to shake in fear of the impending karmic retribution.

A man can dream, can’t he? :)

I don’t wish his death. I’d prefer he be completely immasculated (all Viagra puns intended), metaphorically-speaking, long before he joins the right-wing choir inflammable.

Unfortunately, as Steve pointed out, Limbaugh will continue to enjoy the mindless support of his deluded legions, no matter how many of his hypocritical, unethical or immoral acts are exposed.

He truly does represent the Republican party.

- Greg

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31 Responses to “Venting on Limbaugh”

  1. RogerARTcom Says:

    How Low Will America Go…


    WE the PEOPLE

    Get Up, Stand Up, Jump Up 4 All OUR Rights

    Times Up… Jail Bush, Cheney and NeoCons, NOW

    They R Killing Earth Citizens and American Democracy… DEAD

    more info at…

  2. jxh261 Says:

    Imagine 6 million listeners call this guy God.

    A limp-dicked, loudmouth lying drug addict.

    A perfect role model for the rabid right.

  3. lazer Says:

    Rush will have to change his name to RUSH LIMPBALLS!

  4. romapelegrino Says:

    So, conservative pharmacists are skirting the law by denying women access to birth control and the day-after pill based on their moral standards. Yet Limbaugh has a prescription for Viagra and he’s not married? Makes you wonder why/if Rush used a pharmacy that caters to his sound, conservative beliefs.

    And that’s another thing — Limbaguh (I like this misspelling, I’m leaving it in) presents a prescription to a pharmacist made out to another individual. Doesn’t the pharmacist recognize who he’s waiting on? How can anyone mistake Rush for anyone other than who he is?

    Shouldn’t the pharmacy be investigated also?

  5. blackjack Says:

    When will the people that listen to Limbaugh quit drinking his poison Kool-aid . Wake up people.

  6. messwithtexas Says:

    You have to feel sorry for Rush. He’d gone permanently limp from all the pill-poping and like any UNMARRIED MAN visiting a GAY TOURIST MECCA ( ) like the Dominican Republic, he wanted a little pick-me-up, that’s all. Damned vast left-wing conspiracy!

  7. Jerry Slauter Says:

    I hope just a little of the lying, hypocritical, hateful vitriol that he has been spouting comes back on him. He needs to be prosecuted and exposed. That will probably not deter his unthinking minions. His governor, Jeb, will probably pardon him anyway.

  8. Not-so Rich Says:

    OK– somebody do some snooping and find out who he used the Viagra with. Maybe it was the also- gay Karl Rove or Ken Mehlman….

  9. SherAn Says:

    I have to laugh that out of all the drugs he could get caught with, it just had to be Viagra. Talk about a letdown! LMSAO!!!!!

    The man has shit for brains, though. It was only last month that he struck a plea bargain and got 18 months probation for the Oxycontin fiasco, and that is bad news. He is in serious trouble for violating the terms of the probation agreement. Will the judge overlook this violation? Since the prescription bottle listed someone else’s name on it, probably not. That conduct is strikingly similar to the proxy situation with his housekeeper; know what I mean?

  10. antbme Says:

    you reak what you sow! if they dig lightly and i mean lightly they’ll probably find that same physician prescribed his fav-RITE drug also with the physician name on the bottle. that alone should give the judge all the reason to prosecute. he really thinks he’s above the law.

  11. sddorian Says:

    aw, c’mon, he probably just needs it to masturbate better. This is a family value you know…

  12. alwayshope Says:

    I’m laughing my ass off.
    Great comments everyone!
    It just can’t be wrong to enjoy this, cause it feels so right. We don’t get many victories in this “Grave New World”, so I say, ENJOY.
    No one deserves humiliation more than Limpballs/ Limbaguh !

    The drinks should be on the house tonight!

  13. jcrabb99 Says:

    Rush gets too much attention…I worry more about those that listen and like it…and I still wonder about that rumered 80 proof pretzel…but hey do as I say not as I do…

  14. Rusty Says:

    Well, how about that? The head Ditto head can’t get some head without pharmaceutical assistance. He couldn’t possibly have the stamina to engage in regular sex–Viagra or not. Let’s face it: Most of the people who listen to him would strike out in a brothel with a fist full of fifties! Can’t get it up if you’re too worried about how much them liberals are getting–and we get plenty. Giving us liberals Viagra would be like throwing gasoline on a fire. Read it and weep, pencil dicks. Go count your tax cuts now.

  15. Beregond Says:

    I refuse to think about this story, as it would involve visualizing someone being forced to have intercourse with that…thing. How else could it happen? I just can’t…no, make the images go away!

  16. bansidh Says:

    I am not a Rush fan, however, I think that getting his medical records and harassing him for a drug problem is wrong. Actually I think drugs should be legalized and treated like a medical problem.
    If you don’t believe in Constitutional rights for those you despise, you don’t belive in Constitutional rights.

  17. bansidh Says:

    ps Limbaugh would have to have a heart before it could explode.

  18. bigdavefromqueens Says:

    The big softie in me is having a hard time not laughing at Rush.

  19. RufusLeroy Says:

    Rush sat erect as he heard the charges against him. This is going to be hard on my family, he thought. Rush then stooped flaccidly as the potential consequences of this latest boner sunk in.

  20. tomc=+&& Says:

    Karma is a bitch, isn’t it Rush Hatemonger?

    If there is justice, Limpball’s prior deal with the prosecutors will be revoked.

  21. leftcoastmobyd Says:

    I do hope Limbaugh’s latest brush with the law results in a stiff sentence.

  22. fogeater Says:

    Isn’t oxycontin also a blue pill ?? How do we know what blue pills were in
    king blovators bottle. and did Jebbie the Hut get involved?????
    And what of the Army of God will they be upset with thair false God.

  23. Doctor B Says:

    See? Everyone who was so worried about the feds monitoring all your phone calls and e-mails? They’re using that info to nail real criminals. As long as you’re not using drugs, or gambling on-line, or viewing porn, or a member of a union, or having sex out of wedlock, or visiting this website, you have nothing to worry about. So relax, ok?

  24. smike Says:

    The name could be Rush Limpbagugh. “Limp bag, ugh!” is a comment often heard in the presence of Rush, some say…

    It’s so much fun to get nice presents!

    Hey RufusLeroy… nice.

    And respectfully, bansidh, I don’t think it has anything to do with whether drugs should be legalized. I, too, believe some of what you do. If Rush had not gone on record as stating that drug criminals should be locked up forever, I might have some sympathy for him. People are spending time in the joint for a joint, and Limpbagugh travels the world on private jets. Lovely…

    Perhaps indulging in a bit of guilty pleasure is not such a bad thing…?

  25. deke33 Says:

    I guess what Rush has been saying all these years is true. The rate of recidivism remains constant. The incorrigable are still incorrigable, dopers will remain dopers, and breaking laws only apply to others.

  26. deke33 Says:

    Rush is a recidivist.

  27. Little Brother Says:

    You guys (and gals) are getting as bad as those your so turned off by.

    Even this guys followers can see what its all about (Rush that is lol), but if we totally ignore thoughts and ideals that dont match our own and resort to stooping lower than those we find offensive who is the real loser in the end.

    It really seems some have just taken the “easy road” and picked some sort of team or side and now cheer them on and defend them forgetting about their ability to make rational decisions on their own.

    Bashing Rush is like taking candy from a baby, but taking the time to dismantle and expose some of his insane thoughts and opinions (not all of them are that by the way) is much more diffilcult, but therefore also offers much better results and returns on ones efforts.

    Are we here to recklessly bash people like him, or to actually make and or prove a point that will educate others or somehow make a difference?

    I know my views may not be left enough for some, but atleast they have a point beyond calling a person with an addiction an addict etc. or some other obvious thing (ugly is ugly, but is there a need to point that out etc).

    If you ask those without direct affiliation or preference to either the left or right they seem very convinced and understanding that this guys biggest problem beyond being full of himself is his blind following and defending of his preferred political party and thinking.

    Do you wish to be branded the same?

  28. Weirdharold Says:

    All Drug Laws suck. Even for Rush. Rights for all my friends or rights for nobody.

  29. Tom Chacko Says:

    This is almost too funny to be true. I thought it was a Buzzflash satire the first time I heard it!

    Could this be the same Mr Limbaugh who has screamed repeatedly that drug users - not just dealers - should be locked away? Wouldn’t he enjoy that, this populist hero of the unthinking, being the racist/homophobe he is, and deprived of his $2,000 wines, Cuban cigars, and London hotel suites! Excuse me, but isn’t this a violation of his plea bargain?

    Now I understand why he was so adamantly opposed to the Clinton health care plan — it probably wouldn’t have covered the cost of his drugs. Nor was there a provision for “doctor shopping.”

    Forgive me, “Little Brother,” what you say is reasonable and intelligent, but policy discussions alone do not a successful campaign make! Sometimes you have to hit back hard and decisively. For all of their self-righteous talk about wanting to hear about “issues,” the American people - those who bother to vote - focus as much on negative emotions and gut feeling. And may I remind you that the one Democratic president of recent times, Bill Clinton, had a “Rapid Response Team” to just to answer rumours and lies. Al Gore and John Kerry did not. Republicans are gutter fighters by nature, and unfortunately we Democrats have to be prepared. Such is the nature of politics, and the American people have helped to make it that way!

    In the meantime, let’s drink a toast to ol’ Rush! Sorry it won’t cost $2,000.

  30. cd348 Says:

    I just wish the fat nazi bastard would spontaneously combust.

  31. rlpete2 Says:

    Oh, the Viagra wasn’t for HIM! It was for his boyfriends…..?

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