Do you think we’ll ever hear from MWO again?

For those of us who’ve been addicted to the liberal web for at least a few years, any reference to the site variously known as Media Whores Online, The Horse or simply MWO is guaranteed to bring a smile to our faces.  If you’re enough of a newbie to have missed Horse, the Wikipedia entry isn’t bad.  But, frankly, no historical description can do the site justice; you had to be there.

At a time when the political left was doing a much less effective job than it is today of countering (or even exposing) the rightward drift of the corporate media (not that there isn’t still a lot of room for improvement), Media Whores Online was there doing a hell of a job at being a royal pain in their sanctimonious asses. 

Horse wasn’t alone, of course; other progressive sites like our own parent BuzzFlash were doing yeoman work in other ways, but working in its own niche, MWO was one of a kind.

Horse went dark in 2004 and so far as I know, the mystery of who exactly was behind it and why it went away remains unsolved, having long since passed into the folklore of the Internet.  (If I’m wrong about this somebody please let me know).

I would have to think that by now there’s little chance MWO will ever come out of retirement; in fact, so much of what made it unique lives on today in other sites that any sequel might seem almost anticlimactic.

But I do have one request to make to you, oh mighty Horse: If you’re still out there somewhere and you happen to read these words, someday, in some way, please check back in again.  If you need to stay under cover that’s fine: Drop a line to someone like Eric Alterman or Joe Conason who can confirm your identity (they may not know your name(s), I don’t know, but surely they had enough contact with you that they can find a way to confirm you’re the true Horse).  Tell us how you’re doing.  If you’re so inclined, rally us on to continue the fight.  Shit, send us a recipe for your mother’s chicken soup, I don’t care.  Just say hi.

So what do you think, denizens of The Last Chance Democracy Café?  Will we ever hear from MWO again?

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One Response to “Do you think we’ll ever hear from MWO again?”

  1. Again Says:

    Horse went dark in 2004

    wow! 2004…

    what a loooooooooooong memory - that’s your problem, i guess, with people like Bush - the Goebbels technique, also known as argumentum ad nauseamneeds short memories…

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