Can’t the neocons screw up only a little sometimes?

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  1. alwayshope Says:

    They are insane.
    They say they create their own reality and somehow don’t realize that what they get is their OWN reality. A reality that has nothing to do with known facts.
    Let’s say, ……Dick Cheney shot Rove in the face but they insisted that, no, Karl shot himself in the foot. They would go to the hospital and tell the doctor to bandage the foot, of course the doc would say “what about all that buckshot in your face?” Karl would say “Shut up and bandage my foot, you liberal weenie”.
    Now, of course Karl would suffer horribly from the infection that would set in and the pain would be awful, so he would get some crutches. Others might begin to tell Karl that his condition looked quite grave but he would throw his crutches down and walk with a slight limp to show the improvement he was making. Later, at his funeral, Dick Cheney would eulogize him as a man who “stood on his own two feet and faced his enemies bravely”.
    (Privately, Cheney would wonder why Karl shot himself in the foot, but then he would just down another cold one and prepare to wake up the next day with the ability to believe a thousand impossible things before breakfast.)

  2. rbrison Says:

    Hilarious. Even Rambo couldn’t clean up this mess. Which is especially distressing because these killer clowns seen to pull thier diplomatic philosophy from 80’s era jingoistic action films.

  3. Larkrise Says:

    There is every possibility that the Neo-Con obsession to control the Middle East and its oil is going to blow up in their faces. Once you have opened Pandora’s Box, you never know what you will find inside. The Neo-Cons think they have all their bases covered. But, the Middle East is such a complexity, that this is impossible. There is also the problem of Neo-Con hubris and arrogance, and their focus on personal gain. They think they have pulled an end-run by getting Israel to attack Hezbollah. So far, Condi has made peace proposals that no one will accept. Then, Bush and his sweet-patootie, Blair, come up with additional hot air. They all want to appear to be working toward a peaceful solution, but it is nothing other than smoke and mirrors. Should something actually work, however, they will crow long and loud. My bet is that it wont work, and that is their bet, too. They gain more from war than from peace. Besides the obvious oil and munitions profits, it distracts from the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, it ratchets up fear and anxiety here at home before the November election, it leaves a door open to invade Iran and Syria, and it allows Bush a forum to keep harping on 9/11 and terrorism, which he sees as his strengths. No wonder, he says this is an “opportunity.” He is too arrogant to see that this “opportunity” could careen out of control. The Muslim World is full of rage and fury. Acts of terrorism have increased since Bush invaded Iraq. We have managed to dodge the bullet since 9/11, but Spain and the U.K. will tell you they have not. I think we have been lucky thus far. With the increase of hostilities, another attack is bound to occur. And, even if it does not, the price of oil is having a negative effect on our fragile economy. The rich and wealthy constituents of Georgie Porgie may have their money stashed away in offshore banks, but if the economy crashes, their investments will go south. When the American consumer can no longer afford to consume, the CEO’s are finally going to take a hit.

  4. RJHall Says:

    My favorite line on the Mideast crisis was written in a wonderful article by Greg Palast a few days ago: “You know and I know that if this war took a bite out of Exxon or the House of Saud, a ceasefire would be imposed quicker than you can say, “Let’s drill in the Arctic.”"

  5. alwayshope Says:

    A quote from Anna Quinland:
    “Consumption used to be the name of a fatal, withering disease……………..
    it still is.”

    Bush and those snobs at the Wall Street Journal just keep telling us what a rosy economy we have going, but as with their other skewed views of reality, people know when they are not making money and they can see who is.
    The crude oil snakes and the defense contractors are indeed getting richer by the minute. This is the era of wars for profit, not for the invading nation, but for the corporations that supply the tools of aggression and destruction.
    That way, even if the aggressor fails to take over the resources of the “enemy” country, the war itself is so profitable that who wins is a side bet.
    Condi Rice is an embarrassment, a joke, the second wife of a petty dictator who will accomplish nothing in her own right. Bush surrounds himself with weak women who will lie for him and violent, greedy men who manipulate him. Why everyone in America isn’t ashamed to let him have such power, I’ll never know. How that 32% follow that despicable moron is beyond my
    understanding. There are those crazy ones who want MORE war. They want to bomb Iran and N. Korea and Syria….WWIII, bring it on. But you are right Larkrise, this war won’t be fought “over there”, the damage Bush has done will bring it here to us and those people who wanted it so badly will be astonished that anyone dare attack us again. Their solution, more bombs, bigger bombs, more death. The cycle goes on and peace eludes us, because there’s no profit in it.

  6. alwayshope Says:

    I just read Palast’s new book, “Armed Madhouse”.
    He provides a lot of clarity that is disturbing in so many ways.
    It’s scary that his work does not appear in American newspapers or on TV. He is quite a character, I saw him lecture at the U. of Chicago for his first book(I love Chicago) and it was a lot of truth and laughs. If only those truths made the news here. But then again, if people were that informed, we wouldn’t have this government.

  7. RJHall Says:


    Thanks for the mentions - I ordered “Armed Madhouse” a week or so ago, in part because I took your occasional mentions of the book here as a recommendation! :) It hasn’t arrived yet, since I’m living now in Luxembourg, but I am looking forward to it!

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