Talking to people: What a radical foreign policy concept

It seems that the adults — you remember, the ones we were told were back in charge after George W. Bush won in 2000 — are being confronted with a radical thought: That maybe, just maybe, instead of endless posturing and breath holding directed at our foreign policy adversaries we should actually try talking to them.

(NY Times) Dissent Grows Over Silent Treatment for ‘Axis of Evil’ Nations

WASHINGTON, Oct. 26 — Ever since President Bush first proclaimed there to be an “axis of evil” in 2002, pundits, diplomats and politicians have urged him to talk to its members. But in the last few weeks, with Iraq experiencing a further surge in violence, North Korea testing a nuclear device and Iran continuing to defy a United Nations Security Council demand to stop enriching uranium, the cries for dialogue have grown louder.

James A. Baker III, the Republican former secretary of state, said this month that he believed “in talking to your enemies.” After North Korea’s nuclear test, former President Jimmy Carter said that “the stupidest thing that a government can do that has a real problem with someone is to refuse to talk to them.”

Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, said last weekend that even at the peak of the cold war, “when there were nuclear missiles pointing at every major U.S. city, there was a direct line between the White House and the Kremlin.”

The question arises: Is any of this cutting ice with the administration?

In case you had any doubt on the subject, the answer to the last question is no.  Bush insiders continue to cling to the spoiled brat philosophy of foreign relations: When a country refuses to do exactly what they want it to do they get mad, go home and refuse to talk to its leaders.

With adults like this how about putting the kids back in charge? 

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    I just read an article : “Crisis of the U.S. Dollar System,” by F. William Engdahl. It was presented at an international conference in September 2003. You can find the article in Information Clearing House, 10/29/06. If you want a Halloween scare, read the article. It isnt always easy to follow, but what Mr. Engdahl said in 2003 is happening right now. It also makes an underlying point that Bush, Inc. do not want peace. They want to keep the world destabilized, because of our economic weakness. Don’t let the Dow Jones fool you. That is mostly wealthy people playing with their excess. And, under Bush, the wealthy have made out like bandits. So have Les Familles Bush, Cheney,and other assorted fat-cat types. Read the article:”How the Bush Family Makes a Killing From George’s Presidency,” by Heather Wokush in Common Dreams, Oct. 25,2006. Peace is not as profitable as war for companies like the secretive Carlyle Group and for Halliburton. So, why talk to anyone, when you can bide your time and then start another conflagration. Make no mistake about it, these men see war as very profitable to them personally. They do not care if they bankrupt the country as a whole. Their ill-gotten gain is stashed somewhere offshore. When the doo-doo hits the fan, they will sail off in the sunset and thumb their noses at the rest of us.

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