If You Have Nothing Nice to Say about the Preznit . . .

. . . Join the club. Membership is growing.

Unfortunately, NBC lost it’s membership card and thinks it’s their job to protect Bush’s precious little feelings from people who don’t like him or his anti-democracy policies. On Thursday, Variety reported that NCB won’t air a commercial for the new Dixie Chicks documentary because the spots are, get this, “disparaging to President Bush.”

Watch the trailer for “Shut Up and Sing.” This movie could prove to be a strong statement for freedom of speech at a time when we desperately need one.

You know, the more I think about NBC’s censorship of opinions unfavorable to Bush, I’m increasingly stunned and, amazingly, still a bit flabbergasted by the insulting notion that we have a “liberal media.” Not even close. Perhaps, in some far-flung locale in a progressive state, there are “liberal” reporters. Perhaps.

(Of course, I’m not talking about real progressive media, like Democracy Now, Mother Jones, and BuzzFlash, to name but a few).

The vast majority of the media business is a profit-driven enterprise. Until we eliminate profit as the main motivating factor behind business decisions, concepts like fairness, truth and accuracy will always get side-swiped in the stampede of greed.

- Greg

PS. Oh, just to lighten things up, you MUST also watch Bush talk about his friend “Dave,” a candidate who actually uses a different name, not at all like the one Bush used. Heh-heh. You wonder if people asked for their money back after Bush spoke.

2 Responses to “If You Have Nothing Nice to Say about the Preznit . . .”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    Sorry, but I HAVE nothing nice to say about the President. I used to be more charitable than that, but I cant find it in me, when contemplating the actions of Dubya, Darth Dick, Raging Rummy, and KKKarl Rove. They have caused far too much suffering and mayhem for me to waste my breath on pretense. I dont like hypocrisy, and I am not about to subscribe to it now. The MSM has been giving Bush,Inc. a free pass since day one. They see no reason to stop. It might offend their fat-cat corporate sponsors or lose them a government contract, building killing machines. I agree with Greg. We do not have a liberal media. We have a corporate-owned media. The buck is the bottom line. You can forget truth, justice, objectivity or any other concept of decency.They are part of the wealthy elite and proud of it.

  2. RJHall Says:

    That reminds me of this item from “Ask Winston” at this cafe!


    “Dear Winston,
    Instead of just bellyaching all the time, why don’t you Democrats ever talk about all of the good things President Bush has done?
    Pissed Off in Peoria
    * * *
    Dear Pissed Off,
    For pretty much the same reason we never talk about all the good things the Bubonic Plague has done.

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