Let’s all hear it for denial!

Hey, if Bush can do it . . .

(NY Times) Bush Declines to Call Situation in Iraq Civil War

. . . why can’t the rest of us?

So I hereby declare that notwithstanding my age of 51, I am not middle-aged: No, I am young (and hot).

I therefore assume that all 20-something supermodels will immediately want to start dating me (well, I mean, other than for the wife, kids, fully run-up mortgage/credit cards and plentiful spare tire).  

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2 Responses to “Let’s all hear it for denial!”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    Dont stand on one leg or hold your breath waiting for Bush to be reasonable. You are going to fall over and pass out.

  2. FreeDem Says:

    Look at all the world leaders that base their position on Propaganda. The Iraqi talking head that was saying that the US was nowhere near Baghdad even as the tanks were rolling by the window, or the Chinese denial of the Tiananmen Massacre, Or the Soviet wild successes of their five year plans.

    In every case actual reality can never enter the picture no matter how stupid the denial. Constant practice has helped Bush almost get over his smirk, that threatened to break out into open laughter at first, but now he must feel that all the big lies depend on not admitting to even one. No matter how weird it gets.

    As long as the truth is not admitted, it is a “controversy” that the press can report as equal possibilities. And they can label anyone not reality challenged as helping the enemy, and later blame them for the loss!

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