Sick, grumpy and in no mood for BS on Iraq

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7 Responses to “Sick, grumpy and in no mood for BS on Iraq”

  1. Larry the Red Says:

    “It’s your burden to prove that staying in Iraq is likely to produce some sort of good, some improvement in the current nightmare, sufficiently great to justify the expenditure of even more precious American blood and treasure.

    “And as of this moment, you haven’t even come close.”

    Are any of them even trying? Beyond the empty platitudes, I haven’t heard anyone who still thinks we can win in Iraq, whatever that is supporsed to mean, explain in detail how we get from here to there. Train more Iraqi forces? Right. There are no Iraqi forces, only sectarian militiamen and insurgents who are using their training and arms against each other and against us. Disband the militias? How exactly is that going to be accomplished? And how do you begin to rebuild Iraqi society when so many of the well-educated and well-trained Iraqis have fled the country, never to return?

    Lieberman and his ilk ned to be confronted with these questions every time they open their mouths. Reporters need to pound Shrub with them every chance they get. Saying that makes me feel like a kid from a poor family who dreams of what he wants for Christman, knowing deep down that he’s not going to get it. Screwed we are and screwed we’ll be, until January 20, 2009 at the earliest.

  2. SWConnie Says:

    Sorry. I couldn’t send a link to this article.
    Could this happen? Would GWB even consider this since he doesn’t really want to admit that he made a mess of Iraq? Will this administration ever be held accountable for their war crimes against humanity? I almost look for the dumb one to hightail it out of the country right after the elections in’08.

    WASHINGTON, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Using money, weapons or its oil power, Saudi Arabia will intervene to prevent Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias from massacring Iraqi Sunni Muslims once the United States begins pulling out of Iraq, a security adviser to the Saudi government said on Wednesday.

    Nawaf Obaid, writing in The Washington Post, said the Saudi leadership was preparing to revise its Iraq policy to deal with the aftermath of a possible U.S. pullout, and is considering options including flooding the oil market to crash prices and thus limit Iran’s ability to finance Shi’ite militias in Iraq.

    “To be sure, Saudi engagement in Iraq carries great risks — it could spark a regional war. So be it: The consequences of inaction are far worse,” Obaid said.

    The article said the opinions expressed were Obaid’s own and not those of the Saudi government.

    “To turn a blind eye to the massacre of Iraqi Sunnis would be to abandon the principles upon which the kingdom was founded. It would undermine Saudi Arabia’s credibility in the Sunni world and would be a capitulation to Iran’s militarist actions in the region,” he said.

    U.S. President George W. Bush will meet Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Jordan on Wednesday to discuss a surge in Sunni-Shi’ite violence in Iraq.

    Bush has said he does not support calls for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, but he is expected soon to receive proposals for possible changes in U.S. policy in Iraq from a bipartisan panel.

    Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil producer and exporter and a close U.S. ally, fears Shi’ite Iran has been gaining influence since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq toppled Saddam Hussein’s government.

    U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney held talks with Saudi King Abdullah in Riyadh on Saturday. Details were not disclosed.

    Obaid said Cheney’s visit “underlines the pre-eminence of Saudi Arabia in the region and its importance to U.S. strategy in Iraq.”

    He said if the United States begins withdrawing from Iraq, “one of the first consequences will be massive Saudi intervention to stop Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias from butchering Iraqi Sunnis.”

    Obaid listed three options being considered by the Saudi government:

    - providing “Sunni military leaders (primarily ex-Baathist members of the former Iraqi officer corps, who make up the backbone of the insurgency) with the same types of assistance”, including funding and arms.

    - establishing new Sunni brigades to combat the Iranian-backed militias;

    - or the Saudi king “may decide to strangle Iranian funding of the militias through oil policy. If Saudi Arabia boosted production and cut the price of oil in half … it would be devastating to Iran … The result would be to limit Tehran’s ability to continue funnelling hundreds of millions each year to Shi’ite militias in Iraq and elsewhere.”

    AlertNet news is provided by


  3. Chuck Says:

    Well Steve may be sick and cranky, but when I went down to the cafe today Molly brought me a beer, saying Steve had put it on his tab. If that’s grumpy, I’ll accept grumpiness.

  4. larryvdp Says:

    I tell you what makes me grumpy. I can’t shake the feeling that it does not matter what Bush wants elements in Iraq will determine when and how we leave. I think I am looking at a 21st century replay of the end game of the 1st Anglo-Afghan War in 1842. One man left to tell the tale.

  5. Chuck Says:

    I’m getting a little concerened about alwayshope, haven’t heard from her in 3 weeks or so.

  6. Larkrise Says:

    I have wondered about alwayshope, a fellow Hoosier, too. I pray she is well.

    As for the BS about Iraq, I fear it will only get deeper and nastier. The formal statement isnt out yet from the Iraq Study Group, and already Bush is proclaiming he will not withdraw troops from Iraq. Of course, the Study Group has not set a timetable for withdrawal, so I am inclined to see their recommendations as so much smoke and mirrors. Bush will easily be able to ignore the results of the Group. He will continue to strut and smirk his way through the role of “Decider.” As he postures and pouts, Iraq will disintegrate to oblivion with thousands more deaths, Iraqi and American. Congress will throw more money down the rathole. It is a sorry state of affairs. More rumblings, meanwhile, are growing louder about an economic crisis. Read Danny Shechters Blog for Thursday, Nov. 30 at . The section on “Economic Crisis Warning from a European Think Tank” is particularly scarey. Reality may be about to descend on Dubya The Denier, whether he can face it or not.
    I hope you get better soon, Steve.

  7. hizzhoner Says:

    Keep on being Grumpy Steve….that’s the kind of honest talk the pro-war folks need to hear….I’m linking to our blog too.

    Great words.

    btw: cough medicine brings on sleeplessness….just what you don’t need. Trust me on this one.


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