Big wow for Paul Begala on David Broder!

I no longer feel guilty about all of those anti-Broder posts I never got around to writing; Paul Begala just made anything I might have said on the subject obsolete.

(The Huffington Post) David Broder Is a Gasbag

One of the few regrets I have in life is that I allowed Ann Devroy of the Washington Post to talk me into apologizing for calling David Broder “a gasbag” in 1995. My admiration for Devroy trumped my contempt for Broder. Ann, sadly, is gone, but Broder remains. She was everything Broder is not: fearless, intellectually honest, scrupulously fair, and suspicious of power.

Broder, of course, is a gasbag. The Hindenburg of pundits. But my respect for Ann knew no bounds, and she thought I was being unfair. In retrospect I was being unfair. To gasbags.

Mr. Broder has been foaming at the mouth these days. A man generally given to soporific prose, Broder has been downright venomous lately. And what has put the Benzedrine in Mr. Broder’s Ovaltine? Not the fact that President Bush continues to lie about “progress” in the war in Iraq. Or that Dick Cheney continues to lie about pre-invasion links between al Qaeda and Iraq. Or that the Bush Administration has neglected our wounded warriors, ignored the victims of Katrina, potentially obstructed justice by firing US Attorneys who were pursuing GOP wrongdoing. Not even that the Bush Administration lied to the families of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch, cynically using their blood to distract from their own incompetence and dishonesty.

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If you have any doubt at all about the fairness of Begala’s attack, just read Broder’s latest installment in his unwitting advocacy for establishing a mandatory retirement age for pundits.

(Note to readers: It appears I’m addicted to blogging; my effort to go cold turkey fell flat.  Beginning today, I will be posting occasional (very) short pieces between the major Thursday postings.)

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7 Responses to “Big wow for Paul Begala on David Broder!”

  1. MikeH Says:

    One problem with more blog posts is that there is more to keep up with, both with the posts and the comments. Also, for me as an occasional commenter, any comment I make is sooner buried and lost among newer comments and newer blog posts.

    For myself I did like the slower pace without the blog posts.

    However I also realize one can’t refrain from posting about something that is especially interesting or relevant.

    From Steve: Mike, thanks for the input.  This is an experiment on two levels: how it works for the regulars, and how it works for me (can I keep up?).  I encourage everyone to give me their thoughts — either on the message board or by email — as we go along and we’ll make any changes needed for either reason.

  2. Larry the Red Says:

    Glad to hear it, Steve. As for Broder, does anyone outside of Washington actually read his column, or giive a flying f*** about what he says? Anyone who can call Harry Reid an embarassment for giving voice to the feelings of the large majority of Americans, simply and directly, who can be outraged that a Senate majority leader dare challenge Shrub and Deadeye, should either be on their payroll or in a mental institution (increasingly a distinction without a difference).

  3. Larkrise Says:

    Hip Hip Hooray! Ive missed your posts, Steve. Try to come back as often as you can.

  4. alwayshope Says:

    I second that emotion. Larkrise!
    Good to hear from you again too.

  5. MikeH Says:

    Steve, I don’t know if this is in your control or if you can do anything about this, but if you are going to be making blog posts, is there any way that we can see more than just the last 5 comments that we presently see in the site admin section?

    I hate having to go through all the most recent blog posts just to make sure I don’t miss any new comments.

    From Steve: I’ll check. 

  6. Larkrise Says:

    I am no fan of David Broder, either. He stands among a herd of right-wing pundits with pinheads: Charles Krauthammer, George Will, William Safire, William Kristol, Michele Malik and so it goes…….These people will gladly tell a tall tale or spit out a spunky spin for Bushlite, Inc. any day of the week. Their problem is they are sooooooo predictable, sooooo biased, sooooo boring. They reveled in their part of beating the war drums and fanning the flames. Now that their specious arguments show them to be the fools they truly are, they should do intelligent people a favor and retire ASAP. In the meantime, Thank God Bill Moyers is back!!!

  7. Again Says:

    It appears I’m addicted to blogging;

    great to read that…

    Have you heard of the Thinking Blogger Awards?
    You have been tagged

    hope, you’ll like the meme “5 Blogs That Make Me Think” as much as i do ;-)

    From Steve: Thanks.

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