Does investment spam actually sell anything?

Here’s a first thing in the morning query: Does anyone actually buy stocks, bonds, time-shares in Jersey or any other investment properties or holdings based upon spam email solicitations?

I mean, jeepers, I must get 50 of these annoying things a day, each advertising an investment opportunity I simply can’t live without.  Most of them have deceptive subject headings, of course: “You were great last night!”  “How’ve you been buddy?”  “You were absolutely right in your last message!”  “Have you heard the great news?!”  And so on and so forth — one after another after another.

My particular favorites are the ones that come disguised as a political message, but when you open them they somehow morph (in the sense of a new message replacing the one that was there when you opened the email) into a pitch for a penny stock, pork belly futures or the like.

So, seriously, what kind of a moron, having been mislead in this fashion, would then say in response to an email from who knows the hell where, “Hey, that sounds like a good investment opportunity, I think I’ll dump my life savings into it?”

And if no one does, then why do they bother sending the damn things?

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One Response to “Does investment spam actually sell anything?”

  1. MikeH Says:

    Steve, have you heard of or tried Spamcop?

    One service in particular that they have, which is especially good if you are receiving about 50 spams a day, is a service in which you can set up an e-mail account on spamcop, and then forward e-mails from other e-mail accounts to the spamcop e-mail account. The spamcop then filters most of the spam e-mail and puts it in a special folder. From that folder one can then easily report multiple spams. This service is described in

    And there are parameters one can tweak to get the best results for filtering spam while not filtering good e-mail. And one can put good e-mail addresses in a whitelist so that they are not mistakenly filtered as spam.

    I have been using this service for a couple of years, and am quite happy with it.

    And another service allows you to report spam individually, which would be good if you get just a few spams, or if you need to report spam which is not filtered out by the spamcop e-mail service (and you POP it from the spamcop server).

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