Memo to Democrats: An important lesson about John McCain

Speaking from my background as a trial lawyer, I can tell you there are certain personality traits that will invariably get an advocate (which would include a politician) into trouble: One prime example involves people who always take the bait.  They can’t help themselves.

A witness makes an off-the-cuff remark the lawyer doesn’t like, but which doesn’t hurt his or her case.  Generally, the smart move is to ignore it and stay with your game plan.  But some lawyers simply can’t help themselves: they just have to dive in.  And as a result they let the witness take control of the flow of the testimony by pulling them off topic.

We now know (if we didn’t before) that John McCain is one of those people.  As I’ve written before, when he made the silly mistake of singing (or perhaps graveling would be a better description) his little “bomb Iran” song, I’m not sure he needed to apologize: But it sure as hell wasn’t something a smart politician would want to embrace with open arms (especially a smart politician who feverishly supports a very unpopular war).  But look what he’s doing:

(Daily News) Hey, lighten up, sez McCain, I’m having blast on campaign

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Shades of the defiant Sen. John McCain of eight years ago surfaced yesterday as he entered and left a campaign rally to the Beach Boys’ song “Barbara Anne.”

The musical selection was an in-your-face response to critics who ripped his singing “Bomb, Bomb Iran” to the same tune earlier this month.

Note to Democrats: Despite his many screw-ups, there’s still a good chance John McCain will end up as the Republican nominee in 2008.  If he is, remember this: He’s the kind of person who will always take the bait.  And believe me — that’s the kind of information that can come in really, really handy.

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2 Responses to “Memo to Democrats: An important lesson about John McCain”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    I am so sick of John Mccain. What kind of bait did you have in mind, Steve? I’ve got a rattletrap that has been stuck in two trees and under a rock, but I have always retrieved it. I realize this doesn’t say much for my casting abilities, but we just might find that sucker under a rock or out on a limb.

  2. Larkrise Says:

    McCain keeps digging his own hole deeper and deeper. The more he sticks with Bush, the more he appears to be a Bushclone, even if he claims to be a Maverick. The American voter is sick unto death of George W. Bush. They are sick of HIS war, sick of his arrogance, sick of his corruption, sick of his incompetence, sick of his cronyism, sick of his elitism, and sick of his face.To align with Bush is to sound your own death knell in politics. However, the Republicans dont get it, at least, most of them don’t. They are depending on Karl Rove to use smear tactics and dirty tricks to save them.( In States like Oklahoma, where a crackpot like Inhofe is elected, they don’t even need Rove’s reptilian repetoire.) But, the rest of the country is mighty restive. If gasoline stays up, foreclosures floorish, property taxes contnue to rise, insurance costs continue to rise,(both health and home), and the quality of middle class life continues to erode, being a Republican, and a stubborn one, is not going to play well with the public.

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