Is this the beginning of the end in Iraq?

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2 Responses to “Is this the beginning of the end in Iraq?”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Get real! People have been fucking with Iraq & Iran for millennia! Why would it stop now?

  2. Larkrise Says:

    Lugar is seeing the handwriting on the wall. Indiana has one Democrat Senator, Bayh, who isnt really a Democrat. The Repugs lost some Congressional seats in the last election, which shocked the pants off of the Repugs, but still not enough to make them retreat. Now, the word is out that they may lose some more seats. Indiana is basically a Repug state.It is not progressive in much of anything. So, the signs must be reeeeealy bad for Lugar to back off on Iraq, even a fraction of an inch. Most people in this state are convinced he walks on water. No one even ran against him the last time! He has voted for every miserable, destructive, assinine piece of legislation that Bush has rammed down the sheeple’s throat, including increasing toxic mercury emissions. Lugar’s environmental record is dismal. His support of the war in Iraq has been obsessive. He supported the surge without a hint of doubt. He has been willing and seemingly eager to let thousands of Americans and Iraqis die to maintain his image of party loyalty. He is little more than an old party hack. He has been primarily concerned that the rest of the world NOT (too late, Dick) see that Congress, and especially the Repugs, are in “disarray.”So, to have him finally say something, anything sensible is a big departure from his usual song and dance. I would like to believe he has had a return of conscience, but I doubt it. The numbers are nasty. The Repugs are going to take a big hit. Dick Cheney is running wild and crazy. Most of the sheeple have opened their eyes and don’t like what they see. Lugar’s strongest, deepest sense of loyalty is to the Republican Party. This is his attempt to save it. I sincerely hope it is too little, too late. The Repugs need to hoist themselves on their own petards, drink the poison they have produced in this country, and reorganize. They need to repudiate the Neo-Conservative movement, the right-wing fundamentalist bigots, let Trent Lott have the South to himself, and stop the total and absolute servitude to fat-cat corporations. The Repugs must clean house and clean up their corruption and bent for bloodshed and blood money, and dirty politics. The world is changing. They want to live in the Victorian Age. “Regressives” is their new nom-de-plume. “Repulsive” is going to be tatooed on their forheads.

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