Don’t you wish we had three Keith Olbermanns?

If we did, my prediction that pardoning Scooter Libby (or as it turned out commuting his sentence) would lead to political disaster for Bush & Co. might actually have proved correct.

Listen to this from Keith.

And it sounds like he’ll be having a lot more to say on the subject. (Update: Here’s his full Special Comment)

Hell, on second thought, I’d settle for just two Keith Olbermanns.

BTW: While I’m far from heartened by the major media’s response so far to this travesty, don’t count the American people out on this yet.  This thing stinks in a way that speaks to everyday Americans (and it stinks legally in ways I’ll discuss soon).  People really do believe in the rule of law.  And even more, they believe that it should apply equally regardless of political connections and station in life.

This thing may yet catch fire, the Beltway punditry notwithstanding.

4 Responses to “Don’t you wish we had three Keith Olbermanns?”

  1. Larry the Red Says:

    This commutation thing sounds like something Pissed Off in Peoria would bitch about to Winston. Maybe something along the lines of why Little Scooter should have been granted a full pardon - thereby opening up all lines of attack for Winston, including how much more legally advantageous to Shrub and Deadeye commuting the prison sentence rather than granting a full pardon is.

  2. Larkrise Says:

    Keith Olbermann helps keep me sane in the current state of affairs. It is only going to get worse. You can bet the farm Bush will pardon Libby. That’s always been part of the deal. Besides Keith, my fantasy of Bush and Cheney being led to a federal prison in orange jumpsuits, manacled hand and foot, makes me smile. It probably wont happen, but one can always dream of perfect justice. These are dark days for Democracy, but that was foretold in 2000 with a stolen election. Nothing good was going to come of it; and nothing has. Still, do not remain silent. A firestorm is started from a spark.

  3. Again Says:

    great article! The only thing about it was, under which heading does it fall? Absolutism or (lack of) Separation of Powers or “Old America”?

    but the other only thing ;-) i thought about was “You both crossed the Rubicon yesterday.”

    the war in Iraq - was my Rubicon - and i honestly ask everyone if there can be anything worse than destroying the lives of other humans en masse. But we all get used to the genocide we allowed to happen - used to careless rulers, so full of greed and impersonality that their mercilessness is directly related to the “height” of their bonusses, used to a society, where moneymakers are highly awarded, while teachers, firefighters, policemen, nursing stuff, everyone who cares for humans earns nothing - “deserve nothing”, because what they care for is “of no value”? The only ones who “deserve much” are the fat cats, gambling away our whole Earth, killing not only thousands today, but maybe millions tomorroy, so they “deserve” to get it all - money, respect, health, human dignity - and of course they must be allowed to avoid the consequences of their own actions…

    of course…

    People really do believe in the rule of law

    from your lips ;-)

    rule of law is a very abstract topic, so i fear, Larry the Red’s words (It’s the cover up, stupid) are also true here: “Most of the people I’ve talked to about this case didn’t really understand what it was all about, if they cared at all, which quite a few didn’t.”

    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got
    Till it’s gone?

    (Joni Mitchell)

  4. q188r Says:

    Why 3 ? Why not 30 ? or more

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