Ladies and Gents, Mr. Charles Pierce

There ain’t nothin’ better than Charles Pierce when he’s really good and pissed off.

At Alteration, by way of Atrios

However, where in hell do we go with that last passage there, about how the haircuts matter because “a healthy chunk of the political press corps” doesn’t like Edwards, and how they’re staying away from a sauce-for-the-goose position on Mitt Romney’s makeovers because of their own private calculations of the relative electability of the two candidates. OK, here’s the deal. Every member of that “healthy chunk” of the press corps should be fired. Today. This minute. Without pay or recompense. Let them all walk back inside the Beltway from Cedar Rapids if they have to. I value what I do. I value the work of the people in my business who do it correctly. But, holy mother of god, these people do not do what I do. It’s OK to sneer at a candidate if you don’t like him? It’s OK to create a destructive narrative out of unmitigated piffle because he doesn’t kiss your ass with the regularity you think you deserve, or because his press buses don’t run on time, or because one of his staffers was late with the Danish in Keene? I watched a roomful of them boo Al Gore seven years ago, behavior that would have gotten them run out of any press box in the major leagues. Do you think one of these jamokes — or jamokettes — is thinking, “Maybe we should lay off the haircut thing because of what we all did to Gore in 2000, and look how well that worked out.” Please.

Here’s what I think — the majority of people who cover national politics believe that history is whatever happened in the MSNBC Green Room 15 minutes earlier. I believe the campaign is covered by people with a completely unjustified sense of their own superiority, since not many of them understand or ever care about most of the issues, much less the horrendous bills that are going to come due upon whichever of these poor sods winds up with the job. I believe these people care more about their reputation around the bar at the Wayfarer in Manchester than they do about the interests of the people they purportedly serve. And, were I an editor, and someone brought me a story about John Edwards’ hair or Mitt Romney’s skin, that person would do it once. The second time, the lazy bastard would find himself typing bowling agate on Wednesday night.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    The Media is like a tree that looks luxurious but the trunk is rotten to the core. It will eventually topple over, due to its own rot within. Millions are switching to the Internet for news. Many of them actually seek the truth, realizing they cannot find it in the MSM. But, the MSM is fed by big corporations, and their allegiance is to big bucks not journalistic integrity. That has become quaint and outdated in the minds of the corporate owners. I dream that someday, a progressive Congress will give the likes of Rupert Murdoch his marching papers. Tell the rotten scumbag he has to sell off his right-wing propaganda empire in this country to American buyers (hopefully some with a true desire for objectivity) and head home to Austrailia. He should NOT be allowed to interfere in our political process. He is a disgusting piece of work. He has lowered the bar and too many others have followd suit.

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