This is why we can’t win in Iraq — period

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5 Responses to “This is why we can’t win in Iraq — period”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    Well, the empty-headed Young Republicans would say we have to fight “them” there, or we will end up fighting “them” here. So, is “Al Quaeda” going to send over platoons of women and children to attack America? It never seems to bother the True Believers that innocents are dying in Iraq. Big Mouth Bar set the tone for them, by saying they didnt even have to worry their “beautiful minds” about our own soldiers dying. So, these “compassionate Conservatives” will most certainly shed no tears for Iraqi civilians, who “get in the way.” They are, after all, merely collateral damage. When someone’s lack of humanity sinks to this low level, it indicates a sick society and decadence of a shocking degree. This kind of thing comes back to bite you in the ass. No wonder Chertoff has a queasy gut.

  2. Again Says:

    We also kill a few children. And in doing so, of course, we make even more insurgents.


    you forgot something, i guess - remember Chuck’s question about justice?

    “We also kill a few children. And in doing so, of course, we…”

    become murderers…

    tell it with clear words - that’s the sad truth. The increase in numbers of insurgents is just consequence.

    “We also kill a few children. And in doing so, of course, we…”

    become the Bad Guy, the one to be hunted and stopped, impeached and punished…

    and no, justice, “tit for tat” doesn’t excuse killing and maiming of children in any way, because the simply argument, that x out of 1000 childen will also kill and maim children in 20 years - like we do - cannot be accepted

    “We also kill a few children. And in doing so, of course, we…”

    kill justice

    and each and everyone killing justice must not win - if we and our own children will have a chance for a future

    (sorry for cynicism and bitterness)

  3. FreeDem Says:

    Before you can even consider a win you have to consider a goal and a method to get to that goal. Of course if you risk not meeting the goal, so you will have also defined losing.

    Without the clear goal and exit strategy (Remember Neocons hounding Clinton about that?) you cannot even define a a method to get there as there is no there there. Even to occupy you need at least a vague idea of who is who. At least in Viet Nam, folk were either with us or with the Viet Cong, or with nobody, but there were still only two sides and locals caught in the middle. In Iraq there are more sides than the English Crown Jewels with even a hierarchy of enemies different for each person and each week.

    One week we support the Shiia, the next the Sunnis, the Kurds are our buddies, except against Turkey, but we can give them weapons without strings to use against Iran, but dodge blame when the weapons are used against Turks, and all the confusion about tribes and just plain criminals.

    How can they win when they cannot even think much less plan.

  4. Larkrise Says:

    Bush couldnt plan his way out of a paper sack. He depends on Darth Dick and Clueless Condi to figure out what to do. Cheney wants to torture and kill as much of the human species as possible. Rice plays golf, the piano, and simpers around Bush. She does a bit here, a bit there, in her Jimmy Choo shoes. I would venture that China has done more than Rice to calm down the nutters in North Korea. She, of course, will take credit for it. The Bush Bunch leaps from one fiasco to another. I get eye strain reading about their utter, total incompetence.

  5. Wye Knot Says:

    Have you considered the possibility that this is not incompetence, but rather is quite on purpose?

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