Question of the day: What should the Democrats do about Joe Lieberman?

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10 Responses to “Question of the day: What should the Democrats do about Joe Lieberman?”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    I’d like to tell the good citizens of Connecticut what THEY can do with Joe Lieberman!

  2. Chuck Says:

    Shoot him! That’s what Republicans presidents do to people they don’t like. A bunch of Democrat Presidents have done the same thing, so that is a bi-partisan approach. Ain’t none of ‘em Independents.

    From Steve: I’m posting this because knowing Chuck, we all know he isn’t being literal.

  3. chad Says:

    Once the new Senate arrives, they could kick him out figuring he won’t be the margin of victory anymore. Even if something happened right now, the Senate wouldn’t change hands (protocol and all that).

    Protocol is what will likely keep Lieberman right where he is until 2012, when he will probably retire.

    But he has been a traitor to the Democratic Party for a long time. The worst thing Al Gore ever did was pick Lieberman, and Lieberman cost Gore a much wider margin in 2000.

  4. fdarbe Says:

    It was would be satisfying to see Lieberman go, but I have a distinct distaste for the whole party purity thing. I think that with the 111th Congress, as a New President takes the Oval Office, Lieberman should be stripped of all his committees. As an Independant democrat, he should have as little power in the Senate as possible. No Democrat should campaign for him, and no Democrat should donate money to him. We should write him a letter and personally suggest he buy a retirement home next door to where ever Zell Miller hangs his hat.

  5. Chuck Says:

    Must have been a typo. Shout him down? Maybe he could just go water-boarding for a week or so. Sort of clear his mind.

  6. Chuck Says:

    I understand the U.S. has a spa on some bay on the coast of Cuba that specializes in that. Kinda a fat water ski I think. Guess you get a lot of water in your face though.

  7. tome Says:

    We should recount the votes in Connecticut in 2006. If he’s still Senator after that, he belongs not as an independent but as a Zionist. Let him caucus with Aipac.

  8. syqodem Says:

    According to Senate rules, the majority party is determined at their first session of the new congress. Once the Dems took charge last January, they would be the majority party until the next congress convened- January 2009. Booting Red Joe out of the party would not cost the Dems anything. And it was never a problem taking him out of a chairmanship… talk to Reid about that!

  9. spikeheels Says:

    LIEberman should be stripped of all his committee assignments. He supports the Republicon party all of the time, let him take up their quota of committee assignments and let REAL Democrats take his place. Harry Reid should also give him the smallest, crappiest office available…preferably somewhere far from the Senate chamber.

    That will never happen. The world’s most exclusive club always takes care of its own no matter how much of a scumbag that senator might be.

  10. mikejg2 Says:

    It is unbelievable how much hate — how much visceral hate — is evident in progressive circles these days. I’ll tell you one thing – posts like this do not encourage me or many others to continue to identify with the causes we all agree upon. A quick glance at these posts leads one to conclude that a lot of soul searching is called for here. You guys make the nutcases on the right look downright friendly. It ain’t good for progressive politics. It sure ain’t good for the country. If you even still care about that.

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