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Cheap amoxicillin from india, I’m traveling, so I missed tonight’s Democratic debate. From what I’m reading, cheap amoxicillin online without prescription, Order amoxicillin online without prescription, however, I gather the questioning was simply awful -- a retelling of one right wing talking point after another, order amoxicillin online, Købe amoxicillin, with virtually no attention paid to the real issues in the campaign.

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7 Responses to “Cheap Amoxicillin From India”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    It was awful. I watched 50 minutes of it and there had been NO questions about any of the important issues. Nothing but flag pins and pastors and Bosnia. They may as well have had Entertainment Tonight do the debate. It was pure gossip and innuendo, no substance. I was disgusted but taped the second hour. I haven’t watched it back and I’m sure not I will even bother. What on earth are they thinking?! We have been cheated time and again by these idiotic talking heads out of a real debate. They think we are vapid fools who care nothing about America or the truth. This exercise in stupidity and nonsense is beyond disgust. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck could have done a better job.

  2. Larkrise Says:

    Evidently, ABC wants to emulate Fox News. The questions were a waste of the viewer’s time, unless you are a fan of Rush Limbaugh, The corporate-owned Media has played a substantial part in taking this country down the garden path. I hope the recession bites them in the ass.

  3. alwayshope Says:

    I feel the earth move under my feet.
    Larkrise, did you feel the quakes?

  4. Lavins Says:

    Yes, the “debate” was indeed as bad as the critics are saying. It was as if George Stephanoulous and Charlie Gibson (who did not wear American flag lapel pins) were auditioning for anchor positions of the cable comedy channel known as “Fox News.”

    ABC in the first 50 minutes of air time wasted it all on trival matters that are nothing more than gossip mongering. It was the most shoddy performance of journalism ever broadcast on U. S. airwaves.

    The whole sorry episode was so bad that ABC News should offer an apology to every voter in the nation. This is because we were deprived of the opportunity to learn how the candidates would repair the lapses in security that were delineated in the September 11th Commission report. I, as a voter, want to know when and how the Federal government will finally take the steps necessary to keep our ports, infrastructure, and national monuments from no longer being a lure for terrorists. I want to know how and when the deficit of the Bush regime will be eliminated so that this nation is once again on a sound financial footing. There are legions of issues that should be receive defined solutions from those seeking to be President. ABC News wasted a golden opportunity.

  5. Larkrise Says:

    (I hit a wrong key) Anyway, the earthquake is big news around here. It was on NBC Nightly News. There was an aftershock of around 4.8 that we felt at Noon. If the initial quake had been bigger and considerable damage occurred, I wonder if Homeland Security would have been able to handle matters any better than they did Katrina. Some woman was on WTHR claiming that she was an administrator with Homeland Security, and they had plans down pat. I doubt it. Most people dont have earthquake insurance. I expect we would have to pay out of pocket for any damage.The insurance companies have cheated most people who were hit by Katrina and Rita. The right-wing courts have backed the ins. companies, not the victims. Typical…..

  6. Larkrise Says:

    Dear Alwayshope, My initial response was lost. The above is the second response. The earthquake awakened me and my husband. The windows made popping sounds and the house shook. The bed shook. Fortunately, we had no damage. Tall buildings shook in Indy. My dog was so scared he didnt want to come back upstairs. All the neighbors were awakened. Today, Saturday, has remained quiet. I am worried about the New Madrid Fault. This one was the Wabash Fault. The New Madrid Fault has been due for the Big One for quite some time. I hope this wasnt a precursor. Few structures are earthquake proof in the Midwest.

  7. alwayshope Says:

    Yes, very few structures would stand through a really big quake.
    It was a startling way to wake up, wasn’t it? My dogs and cat were nervous all day. I’ll bet they sensed the smaller aftershocks we couldn’t feel.
    I expected Chuck would comment on the quake. He was out west around the time of the Great San Fran Quake wasn’t he? Where is that old fart, anyway?
    Is he drunk again? It’s spring. I’ll bet he’s talking to birds. We had a tree that was about to fall down on the garage so we had it taken down early this spring before the robins arrived. When they got here, they found their favorite nesting tree laying in the backyard and I don’t think I want to know what they are saying about me. There are still seven nice big trees but for some reason the robins loved that one. My hummers are late this year. I just love those entertaining little critters. Chuck, I’ve got bird problems, where are you?
    Also, I had a dumbass attack yesterday. Long story, short. I singed off some of my hair, both of my eyebrows and burned the fingers of my left hand.
    The bright side is, I look as stupid as I feel.
    Other than earthquakes and fire, everything is just dandy here!

    Chuck, sorry about calling you an old fart. I’d go back and change it but since I’m typing with only one hand, It’s easier just to apologize. You are not an old fart, you are an old codger, sorry for the mix up.

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